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Oracle Tips by Burleson 

Web Stalkers
Chapter 3 -
Web Weirdos

Web Pornography Addicts

No count morals that are out to lunch
They’re sliding away cause everything is okay
It was taboo back then but today you say “What the hey”
Lyrics to the song “Socially Acceptable” by DC Talk.

Once a person is desensitized to hard-core pornography, they may begin to seek alternatives, and try to recapture the sensation it once provided.  Some people have been known to act out according to the material to which they have been exposed.  Some kinds of pornography depict images of violence against women and focus on the domination of helpless victims.  Although this is not universally the case, there are many instances where pornography has been identified as a contributing factor in sex crimes.

Along with the victims of these crimes, the addicts themselves also suffer.  Personal relationships can be pushed to the edge by the stresses caused by an ongoing addiction.  A spouse may be left with feelings of disgust and betrayal when a pornography habit is discovered.  In addition to all this, it is understood that the financial resources of the addict are stretched.  A pornography addict will, like all other addicts, spend money with abandon, seeking to satisfy what drives them. offers many helpful articles, facts and a self-assessment test, all designed to give support to online sexual addicts as well as their spouses, family members and friends whose lives become affected by pornographic addiction. 

The above text is an excerpt from:

Web Stalkers
Protect yourself from Internet Criminals & Psychopaths
ISBN 0-97-45993-9-5

by Donald K. Burleson, Stephen Andert

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