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Oracle Tips by Burleson 

Web Stalkers
Chapter 7 -
Internet Scams

The Horrors of Internet Fraud

Figure 7.1 There has been a dramatic increase in Internet scams reported since 2001

Unfortunately, the IC3 often cannot help scam victims.  Since this information is widely known, many users do not bother to report their losses. Consequently, the real number of web scams is potentially much higher.

While the medium has changed, the concept of the scam has been around for centuries.  Professional con artists have preyed on people displaying the following characteristics:

  • Greed – The number one factor upon which web scammers play is a person’s desire to make a fast buck.

  • Guilt – Many scammers play upon personal guilt. Charity scams are notorious for tugging at heartstrings.

  • Entitlement – Many people feel cheated by society and want to get nice things that they feel that they deserve.  In fact, the phrase “Get what you deserve” is directly targeted at this type of person.

  • Poverty – A large percentage of web scam victims come from lower socioeconomic levels.

  • Ignorance – Many victims of web scams may not have the benefit of an adequate educational background and are easily fooled by a slick sales pitch.

  • Incompetence – All else being equal, web scammers often prey on those with diminished mental capacity.

The above text is an excerpt from:

Web Stalkers
Protect yourself from Internet Criminals & Psychopaths
ISBN 0-97-45993-9-5

by Donald K. Burleson, Stephen Andert

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