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  SQL Server Tips by Burleson

Encapsulate verification and setup of parameters.

To handle the considerable boilerplate code, which can be required to validate and setup the parameters to your XP, the framework allows you to define the parameters at compile time and then the framework automatically validates these parameters at run time. A single XP parameter is defined using the structure XP_PARAMETER_DEFINITION.

The ‘m_ParameterType’ member variable allows you to specify if the parameter should be an input, output or input or output parameter.

The ‘m_nColumn’ and ‘m_szName’ parameter allow you to specify the column number or name of a parameter. Unnamed parameters are ordered by column number whereas named parameters can be sent to the XP in any order.

To allow you to specify the allowable data types for the parameter, the ‘m_AllowableTypes’ member variable is provided. This is implemented as a bit mask of values. You choose a combination of ‘XP_ALLOW_..’ values to specify the allowable data types for this parameter. To allow for future expansion of the allowable data types an unsigned 8-byte integer of type ‘unsigned __int64’ is used to specify the bit mask. This does mean that the class framework requires this data type if you are using the code on a compiler other than Microsoft Visual C++.

The above book excerpt is from:

Super SQL Server Systems
Turbocharge Database Performance with C++ External Procedures

ISBN: 0-9761573-2-2
Joseph Gama, P. J. Naughter  

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