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sga_target tips

Oracle Tips by Burleson

Oracle 10g sga_target (Deprecated & obsolete in 11gR2 with memory_target?)

The sga_target is set if you use Oracle’s Automatic Memory Management (AMM), this parameter is used to determine the size of your data cache, shared pool, large pool, and Java pool automatically. Setting sga_target=0 disables AMM. This parameter doesn’t need to be set if you set the memory_target.

Memory_target is used for everything that sga_target covered but now includes the PGA.  This is especially important because memory_target now includes the pga_aggregate_target.

Parameter type – Big integer

Syntax – sga_target = integer [K | M | G]

Default value – 0 (SGA automatic tuning is disabled)

Modifiable – ALTER SYSTEM

Range of values – 64 to operating system-dependent

sga_target specifies the total size of all SGA components. If sga_target is specified, then the following memory pools are automatically sized:

  • Buffer cache (db_cache_size)

  • Shared pool (shared_pool_size)

  • Large pool (large_pool_size)

  • Java pool (java_pool_size)

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