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Send HTML Report Via Email

Expert Oracle Tips by Laurent Schneider

April 18, 2011


By Laurent Schneider

Oracle guru and Rampant TechPress author, Laurent Schneider, has provided us with a way to send a quick HTML report via email.  This example uses SQL*Plus:

Let's assume your business partner wants to receive some daily mail with an SQL query output in it.

It does not need to be ultra-fancy, but some colors and titles would not hurt.

Here is the report in SQL:

  dname, sum(sal)
  dept using (deptno)
group by

Ok, using SQL*Plus, the report can be done like this:


set echo off numf 999G999G999G999 lin 32000 trims on pages 50000 head on feed off markup html off
alter session set nls_numeric_characters='.''' nls_date_format='Day DD. Month, YYYY';
spool /tmp/rep.html
prompt To:
prompt From:
prompt Subject: Daily department report
prompt Content-type: text/html prompt MIME-Version: 1.0
set markup html on entmap off table 'BORDER="2" BGCOLOR="pink"'

prompt <i>Good morning, </i>
prompt <i>Here is the department report per &_DATE</i>
prompt <i>Kind Regards, </i>
prompt <i>Your IT Operations</i>

prompt <br/><h3>List of departments with the total salaries of their employees</h3>

 dname "Department",
 sum(sal) "Salary"
join dept using (deptno)
group by

spool off
host /usr/sbin/sendmail -t </tmp/rep.html

Then simply call it from SQL*Plus.  You may want to configure the sendmail part.

SQL> @rep

Then, check your mail :

It is easier to maintain than APEX, but the capabilities are not as rich.

In fact, there are definitely more elegant ways of achieving the same results; however, the point being illustrated is the ability to format a query quickly and easily as HTML using set markup html on.  This particular example happens to use the HTML capabilities of SQL*Plus.

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