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Automating Statistics Sample Size with dbms_stats 

The higher the quality of the schema statistics will result in higher probability that CBO will choose the optimal execution plan. Unfortunately, doing a complete analysis of every rows of every table in a schema could take days and most shops must sample their database to get CBO statistics.


The goal of estimating the sample size is to take a large enough sample of the database to provide top quality data for the CBO while not adversely impacting server resources.  Now that how the dbms_stats option works has been introduced, it will be useful see how to specify an adequate sample size for dbms_stats.


In earlier releases, the DBA had to guess what percentage of the database provided the best sample size and sometimes under analyzed the schema. Starting with Oracle9i Database, the estimate_percent argument was added to dbms_stats to allow Oracle to automatically estimate the best percentage of a segment to sample when gathering statistics.  A sample invocation follows below:


estimate_percent => dbms_stats.auto_sample_size


After collecting statistics with an automatic sample size, the accuracy of the automatic statistics sampling can be verified by looking at the sample_size column on any of these data dictionary views:

§       dba_object_tables   

§       dba_tab_col_statistics   

§       dba_tab_partitions  

§       dba_tab_subpartitions   

§       dba_part_col_statistics  

§       dba_subpart_col_statistics   

§       dba_tables 

§       dba_tab_cols

§       dba_tab_columns   

§       dba_all_tables  

§       dba_indexes  

§       dba_ind_partitions   

§       dba_ind_subpartitions   

In practice, the auto_sample_size  option of dbms_stats generally chooses a sample_size from five to 20 percent when using automatic sampling, depending on the size of the tables and the distribution of column values.


Too small a sample can impact the CBO, so one should always make sure to take a statistically significant sample size for every object in the schema.   The next section will introduce some methods DBA’s use to ensure that their SQL optimizer always has great schema statistics.



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