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Oracle Tips by Burleson 

Variable Declaration and Conversion

In the previous examples a variable v_line was defined.  All variables are defined in the declaration section of the block.  Variables are defined in the form:

variableName      datatype      := defaultvalue;

Below are examples of variables.  Variables can be defined as any valid datatype  to include user defined datatypes and records.

  v_str1   varchar2(80);
  v_str2   varchar2(30) := ‘Hello World’;
  d_today  date;
  n_sales  number;
  n_order  number(8);

A constant  is defined the same way a variable is with the key word constant.

c_standard constant number := 90;

Notice that a constant must be assigned a value and the above statement does four things:

  • Names the variable c_standard

  • Defines c_standard as a constant

  • Defines c_standard as a numeric datatype

  • Assigns a value of 90 to c_standard

With PL/SQL  constants, note that a constant value can’t be changed unless it is redefined in a subsequent block. 

In the examples above our two variables are defined as numbers, and we are now ready to see how to include the precision and scale for a number.  As in SQL, PL/SQL supports mathematical operations and has a large library of mathematical functions, covering everything from advanced multivariate statistics  to Newtonian Calculus .  PL/SQL also supports single-row functions to convert numbers to characters and characters to numbers.

The above book excerpt is from:

Easy Oracle PL/SQL Programming

Get Started Fast with Working PL/SQL Code Examples

ISBN 0-9759135-7-3   

John Garmany

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