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Oracle Tips by Burleson 

Sorting a Collection

A button was provided to sort the collection by the LAST_NAME column in the collection.  In reality, the data from the LAST_NAME column is stored in the collection in a column or element named C002, but that will be covered a little later.

The procedure to sort by the LAST_NAME, aka C002, column is:

htmldb_collection.sort_members( 'CONF', 2 );

Updating a Collection Member

A member in a collection is the same as a record in a table.  However, an UPDATE command cannot be issued because it is a collection and not a table.  Updating a collection member is done in the EASY Samples application with the following process.

  p_collection_name => 'CONF',
  p_seq        => :P1133_SEQ_ID,
  p_c002        => :P1133_LAST_NAME,
  p_c003        => :P1133_FIRST_NAME,
  p_c004        => :P1133_RSVP_DATE,
  p_c005        => :P1133_COMPANY,
  p_c006        => 'U' );

The C006 element of the collection is being used as a place holder for actions performed on the collection.  This idea was learned by looking at the Collections Showcase application included with HTML DB.  The U indicated the member in the collection has been updated.  Looping through the members in the collection can be done later to issue update statements on the CONFERENCE_RSVP table.

The above book excerpt is from:

Easy HTML-DB Oracle Application Express

Create Dynamic Web Pages with OAE

ISBN 0-9761573-1-4   

Michael Cunningham & Kent Crotty


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