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Oracle Tips by Burleson 


Buttons are used to submit or post the application page to the HTML DB engine.  They can also be used to redirect one page to another page or a URL without submitting the application page.  The differences between the two are:

  • Submit Page and Redirect to URL:  This type of button will submit the page to the HTML DB engine and save page item data in session state.  When creating a button with this action, a page Branch will be used to determine where the navigation will go from here.

  • Redirect to URL without submitting page:  This type of button will simply navigate the browser to another application page or URL without posting the page and no page item data will be saved in session state.  This type of button does not utilize a Branch to know where to navigate; that information is stored as properties of the button. 

When creating buttons, the developer is asked to provide a button position.  The location of the button in the region is the determining factor when deciding the button position.  There are two positions from which to choose:

  • Create a button in a region position

  • Create a button displayed among this region’s items

Create a Button in a Region Position

When a button is created in a region position, HTML DB is being told the button is to be rendered in a position defined in the region templates.  This is the more common position to put buttons.  The available positions are shown in Figure 10.6.

Figure 10.7 below shows the region positions as indicated by the button labels.  This Figure is of the upper right corner of a sample region created by the author in order to determine where each of the positions is located.

Figure 10.8 below shows the remaining positions for buttons created in a region position.  Notice the buttons that are aligned to the left side of the region.  These have the alignment set to left.  The default alignment when creating buttons is to the right.

Figures 10.7 and 10.8 can be used as a reference when buttons are added to application pages to a region position.

When a button created in a region position submits a request to the HTML DB engine, the REQUEST is set to the name of the button unless specifically set in the Optional URL Redirect section of the button.  The Optional URL Redirect will be covered later.  Once the REQUEST is set to the button name, it can be used in conditions for other page components for conditional processing.

The above book excerpt is from:

Easy HTML-DB Oracle Application Express

Create Dynamic Web Pages with OAE

ISBN 0-9761573-1-4   

Michael Cunningham & Kent Crotty


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