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What makes the best book of the century?

Donald K. Burleson

Remember the Y2K crap where surveys sought to publish the “best of everything” from the 1900’s?  Something like the “best” book of the century is very subjective anyway, but you cannot rely on traditional measures of “best”:

  • Top sales – If book popularity were measured in raw sales, Mein Kampf by Adolf Hitler would be the winner as best book of the century.  No kidding, it was the bestselling book of the century.  I read the English translation year ago (out of morbid curiosity) and found it to be devoid of literary merit.  To be fair, it’s a masterwork of Machiavellianism, appealing to German xenophobia and making Hitler a millionaire in royalties.  The only content worthy of mention is the “big lie” theory.

  • Intelligentsia – In the snooty world of book aficionados, books with stupid palindromes rules, and incredibly dense books such as “Ulysses”.

I remember when the snobs declared “Ulysses” as the best book of the 20th century. Every body claimed to have read it, but in-reality, few get past the 5th page before relegating it to the outhouse to wipes their ass.




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