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Oracle Tips by Burleson 

Monitoring User Roles

Monitoring user setup is important, but it is only the beginning of user monitoring. A companion script to show roles and administration options is also required. This is shown in Source 11.4. As you can see, it is very important under Oracle to assign roles to users, due to the large number of required grants for the modern environment.      

If you assign each privilege to each user as it is required, you will soon find it impossible to manage your user base. Start by assigning only the default roles, then expand those roles as required. For example, for a user who needs to create tables and indexes, a role called CREATOR could be constructed that has the role CONNECT, plus the CREATE_TABLE and CREATE_INDEX privileges. It should also be obvious that the DBA will need to track the roles and have them available at a moment’s notice in hard copy to refer to as users are assigned to the system. See Listing 11.3 for an Oracle roles report.

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