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Oracle Tips by Burleson 

Monitoring Index Statistics   

Under Oracle7, the DBA_INDEXES view was extended to include B-tree level, number of leaf blocks, number of distinct keys, average number of leaf blocks per key, average number of data blocks per key, and the index clustering factor. Under Oracle8 and Oracle8i, columns covering partitions, domain indexes, and function-based indexes where added. Under Oracle9i, columns for index types and join indexes where added, along with a column to show the index status, either DIRECT LOAD or VALID. The TYPE column specifies whether the index is NORMAL, an IOT, an LOB, or a BITMAP index. This is essentially the only indicator for BITMAP-type indexes.      

Index statistics generated from the ANALYZE command are stored in the INDEX_STATS view. The major limitation of the INDEX_STATS view is that it shows only the most currently analyzed index. Au: Caps or lowercase for this view? Given first one way than the other in same sentence.

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