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Oracle Tips by Burleson 

Structure of dba_advisor_tasks 

dba_advisor_tasks also maintains the status of each task.  The status is set to one of the following six values:

INITIAL - Initial state of the task; no recommendations are present since nothing has been done.

EXECUTING - Task is currently running.

INTERRUPTED - Task analysis was interrupted by the user.  If recommendations are present, they can be viewed and reported on at this time.

COMPLETED - Task successfully completed the analysis operation.  Recommendation data can be viewed and reported.

CANCELLED – Task has been cancelled.

FATAL ERROR - An error occurred during the analysis operation.  If recommendations are available, they can be examined and reported on at this time.

Something that may be beneficial when added to the database monitoring procedures is a routine check to see if any tasks have a status of FATAL ERROR.  Upon finding any, determine why the error occurred.   

Figure 10.11 – Sample errors in dba_advisor_tasks 

* show_addm_tasks_in_error.sql

-- *************************************************

-- Copyright © 2003 by Rampant TechPress

-- This script is free for non-commercial purposes

-- with no warranties.  Use at your own risk.


-- To license this script for a commercial purpose,

-- contact rtp AT

-- ************************************************* 

/* show_addm_tasks_in_error.sql */

column ADVISOR_NAME   format a10 WRAP head ADVISOR|NAME

column DESCRIPTION    format a40

column STATUS_MESSAGE format a40










See Code Depot

The above book excerpt is from:

Oracle Wait Event Tuning

High Performance with Wait Event Iinterface Analysis 

ISBN 0-9745993-7-9  

Stephen Andert

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