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Oracle 10g Easy Management

Oracle Tips by Burleson

Oracle 10g Easy Management

This chapter focuses on the new features aimed at database management. Self-management, or easy management, has been the key word for Oracle 10g. The main areas of enhancements are:

Self-Managing Database – To aid self-management and auto tuning of the database, Oracle introduces a new persistent store called automatic workload repository (AWR), which collects memory statistics, and the automatic database diagnostic monitor (ADDM), which monitors and analyzes statistics and provides advisory services.

Simplified Configuration of Shared Servers – The configuration of shared servers and their associated dispatchers has been largely made dynamic.

Transaction Manageability – Now, we can monitor normal transaction rollback or transactions recovered by SMON. In addition, we can view historical information about transaction recovery and transaction rollback. Also, Oracle 10g pre-configures objects for maximum concurrency.

Simplified Statistics Collection – Beginning with the 10g version, both the real and fixed dictionary tables need to be analyzed in order to get better performance. There are several new procedures that have been introduced to streamline and simplify the compute statistics operation of dictionary objects.

Extended Support for FGA (Fine Grain Audit) - There is now additional fine grain audit support for ‘insert’, ‘delete’, and ‘update’ statements.

Response File Creation during database install – With Oracle Database 10g you now have true silent capability. When running OUI in silent mode on a character mode console, you no longer need to specify an X-server or set the DISPLAY environment variable on UNIX. No GUI classes are instantiated.

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