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Rampant Oracle In-Focus Series


Oracle 10g New Features 

  Oracle 11g New Features 
Get started fast with Oracle 11g enhancements

John Garmany, Steve Karam, Lutz Hartmann, V. J. Jain, Brian Carr

Retail Price $39.95 /  £34.95 

- Order now and get 30% off the retail price!

Only $28.95


Unlike other Oracle 11g new features books that list all Oracle 11g new features regardless of value, this Oracle 11g new features book shows only the important Oracle 11g new features. Oracle 11g New Features includes expert discussion about each Oracle 11g new feature, why the new feature is important, and how to use the new 11g functionality.

Top Oracle experts John Garmany, Steve Karam, Lutz Hartmann, and Brian Carr, share their knowledge gained over decades of experience evaluating new Oracle features in this Oracle 11g new features book. Our experts discuss and explain which Oracle 11g new features will mean the most to you and why.

Oracle 11g has over 500 new features and this comprehensive Oracle11g new features book explores those enhancements most useful to Oracle users:

  • Oracle 11g SQL new features

  • Oracle 11g language & PL/SQL new features

  • Oracle 11g DBA features

  • Oracle 11g RAC new features & enhancements

  • Oracle 11g performance features

  • Oracle 11g security new features

  • Oracle 11g Enterprise Manager (OEM) new features

If you've been looking for a comprehensive and unbiased book on Oracle 11g new features, this is the book for you. This Oracle 11g new features book will get you up to date on all the important changes and new features in Oracle 11g.

Order Oracle 11g New Features now and get started fast with Oracle 11g enhancements.






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