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Rampant Oracle In-Focus Series


Oracle 10g New Features 

  Oracle Database 10g New Features 
Oracle 10g Reference for Advanced Tuning & Administration

Mike Ault, Daniel Liu, Madhu Tumma

Retail Price $34.95
/ £20.75 

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This book, Oracle 10g New Features, was written by some of the world's most widely-recognized Oracle authors. Mike Ault, Daniel Liu and Madhu Tumma target their substantial knowledge to evaluate Oracle 10g new features in this important book.

Oracle 10g New Features provides honest feedback about those Oracle 10g new features that you should use, and those you should not use. Oracle 10g New Features also takes an in-depth look at those Oracle 10g new features that are the most important to system performance and Oracle 10g database administration.

This Oracle 10g new features book will get you up to date on all the important changes and new features in Oracle 10g. If you've been looking for a comprehensive and unbiased book on Oracle 10g new features, this is the book for you.


Oracle 10g New Features Reviews:

Sandi from Ft. Lauderdale, FL says:
This is one of the best 10g new features book that I have seen in quite some time. It goes beyond the high-level overview of the 10g new features and give working examples about how the features relate to existing Oracle9i systems.

This is one book that I expect to use very frequently as I get started in 10g.

Mladen from Connecticut says:

This is an excellent and exhaustive review of oracle 10g new features. It contains a great list of Oracle 10g new features, together with clear explanations and numerous examples. Being a senior DBA, I find this book to be a great help in my study of Oracle 10g new features.





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