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  Redneck Deer Butt "Doe bell"™
Working doorbell, available with male or female

Retail Price $379.95 /  £274.95

Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery.  (They don't give up their butts without a fight.) Only $295.99
(30% off)

Important note regarding orders:  Within 72 hours of receipt of your order you will be contacted for details regarding house voltage, button style, and optional personalization.  The artist will then custom craft your doe bell to your personal specifications.

Southern redneck art is one of the fastest growing areas within the art world and prices are skyrocketing for some of the finest deer butt works by renowned butt artists.

In terms of overall popularity and mass appeal, genuine Redneck art is now rivaling traditional folk art as one of the best investments in collectable blue-collar art forms.  Fortunately, it's good news that you don't have to spend thousands of dollars to get fine original redneck art anymore. 

Fortunately for you, Rampant Redneck products has sought-out some of the finest up-and comin' redneck artists to get you the redneck art that you deserve.

With a distinctive flair reminiscent of 19th century American Folk art, redneck Travis Carter customs crafts these one-of-a-kind doorbells according to your personal specifications.

Each red neck doorbell is a commissioned art project, custom-crafted using genuine deer taxidermy, fitted with your choice or male or female genitalia.

Creating a fine redneck art doe bell

Deer butt alien head aficionado's recommend that you start with a fresh deer carcass, and this always makes it more fun and educational for the kids because they can share the joy of disemboweling Bambi, they get a lesson in anatomy and taxidermy, and they have the thrill of creating a one-of-a-kind work of red neck art.  When preparing a deer butt alien head the old fashioned way (from scratch), it's important to tie off the anus with a piece of string so that the white tail area does not become soiled with deer crap when you cut-open your treasure.


          Fine art for
         the discerning


Key Features

• Makes a great gift!

• Own a one-of-a kind redneck art piece.

• Also available with male  of female features.

• Impress your friends and neighbors with your good taste.


Make sure to tie-off the hiney hole
You need to carefully open-up your deer, starting right above the groin. 

Once the incision is made you will need to tie-off the anus again, from the inside, and then sever the large intestine right above the tie.  

Next, cut the deer's throat, severing the deer's neck all the way back to the spine.  This will disconnect the arteries and throat from the head.  Now, all you need to do is simply cut open the gut upwards to the rib cage and watch junior's delight when all the  innards come-out in one piece!  Amazing!


About the Artist:

Don Burleson

Don Burleson wrote the Redneck Philosophy, redefining the definition of folk art with his bold interpretations of the contemporary American redneck.


Don Burleson is redneck born and bred, a good ole boy with an artistic flair that has made him a up-and-coming redneck art prodigy.


Burleson's redneck ennui is vividly expressed in his one-of-a-kind deer butt creations where Carter borrows from both contemporary and classical folk art to create reflective works that distinguish this uniquely American art form.

 Butt art does not get any better than this.  Upon your order, Don will select the butt that meets your needs and customize your "doe bell" with the orifices of your choice.



"Doe Bell" is the registered trademark ™ of Rampant Techpress, all rights reserved.


The original redneck "Doe" bell The buck bell


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