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Oracle Data Dictionary Reference Chart


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Get Oracle DBA Reference Chart Now!

You pay $12.95 S&H - Limit one poster per customer.

This offer applies to the contiguous United States; shipping for other destinations may be higher.

Our data dictionary view chart contains the most important columns from the most important Oracle11g DBA views including Active Session History ASH tables and Automated workload Repository (AWR) tables..  Includes the most important column values for your Oracle data dictionary query.:

dba_hist_active_sess_history, dba_hist_bg_event_summary, dba_hist_buffer_pool_stat, dba_hist_db_cache_advice, dba_hist_enqueue_stat, dba_hist_evcmetric_history, dba_hist_event_name, dba_hist_filemetric_history, dba_hist_filestatxs, dba_hist_latch, dba_hist_latch_children, dba_hist_latch_misses_summary, dba_hist_latch_parent, dba_hist_metric_name, dba_hist_pga_target_advice, dba_hist_pgastat, dba_hist_seg_stat, dba_hist_sga, dba_hist_sgastat, dba_hist_shared_pool_advice, dba_hist_sql_plan, dba_hist_sql_summary, dba_hist_sql_workarea_hstgrm, dba_hist_sqlstat, dba_hist_sqltext, dba_hist_sys_time_model, dba_hist_sysmetric_history, dba_hist_sysmetric_summary, dba_hist_sysstat, dba_hist_system_event, dba_hist_waitclassmet_history, dba_hist_waitstat

dba_clu_columns, dba_clusters, dba_col_privs, dba_cons_columns, dba_constraints, dba_data_files, dba_extents, dba_external_tables, dba_free_space, dba_free_space_coalesced, dba_high_water_mark_statistics, dba_ind_columns, dba_ind_partitions, dba_ind_subpartitions, dba_indexes, dba_join_ind_columns, dba_lmt_free_space, dba_lmt_used_extents, dba_lobs, dba_objects, dba_segments, dba_tab_col_statistics, dba_tab_columns, dba_tab_histograms, dba_tab_partitions, dba_tables, dba_tablespace_groups, dba_tablespaces, dba_triggers, dba_undo_extents




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