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           Oracle Tips



Oracle 11g new features peek

Excel interface software for SQL Server databases

Excel spreadsheet interface for Oracle

Extract SQL Server into Excel

Oracle data import Excel Spreadsheet

Excel spreadsheet Oracle access software

Oracle Counting index usage inside SQL

Oracle pga management

ASH table data collection

Wait Event Tuning for Oracle

Oracle Real-time v$ Wait Events

Oracle AWR and STATSPACK Manual snapshot command

Oracle SQL Tuning Secret Tips

Free Linux poster

Oracle database poster Oracle DBA poster  Oracle Diagram Oracle chart Oracle Reference

Oracle Links

Remote Links


Oracle Database 10g New Features
Oracle10g Reference for Advanced Tuning & Administration

Tip 1   Tip 2   Tip 4   Tip 7   Tip 25


10g_190   10g_191   10g_192   10g_193   10g_194   10g_195   10g_196   10g_197

10g_198   10g_199   10g_200   10g_201   10g_204   10g_210   10g_212   10g_215

10g_341   10g_342   10g_346   10g_348   10g_353   10g_357   10g_359   10g_361

10g_364   10g_496   10g_497   10g_503


Oracle Replication  

rep_101   rep_109    rep_114  rep_117  rep_123


Oracle Physical Design  

phys_78   phys_80   phys_82   phys_100


Oracle Privacy Security Auditing

Demilitarized Zones DMZ

UNIX File Permission

UNIX File Permissions read write execute


_trace_files_public Tips

sql_trace Fine Grained Access Control FGAC _trace_files_public init.ora utl_file_dir utl_file

utl_file_dir SYS User Protection

Hiding the SQL*Plus Password

Retrieve a lost Password

Password Management UNIX ps–aef UNIX User Access Control Authentication

Local OS Authentication

Virtual Private Database HIPAA

Listener Security

Listener Passwords

Listener Password LSNRCTL passwords_listener listener.ora

Listener External Procedures

Checking for Attempted Oracle Break-ins

Client Server Restrictions Valid Node Checking

protocol.ora sqlnet.ora tns_admin Node

Node protocol.ora sqlnet.ora

Node Checking Validation sqlnet.ora protocol.ora IP Address Listener

Listener Node Validation

sqlnet.ora tns_admin Node Validation Listener

Listener listener.ora Home

aud_temp Index aud$ AUDIT_INDX AUDIT_DATA

Archival aud$ Tablespace audit_trail

Archival Media aud$ Tablespace audit_trail AUD_ARCH_DATA

SQL*Loader aud$ External Table HIPAA

dba_audit_session Tablespace NoLogging

aud$ Tablespace

aud$ Tablespace Archival

aud$ Archival Tablespace NoLogging

aud$ Tablespace Archival aud$ Tablespace Archival

Archival Tablespace aud$ NoLogging

Archival Tablespace aud$

Archival Tablespace aud$ Retrieval

Retrieval aud$_combined aud$

Single Sign-On Option SSO Advance Networking Option ANO Advanced Security Option Application Server

General Oracle Auditing

dbms_session Audit Trail

dbms_session Audit Trail

aud$ dbms_session.set_identifier

Client Identifier dbms_session

Fine Grained Auditing FGA HIPAA

Fine Grained Auditing FGA HIPAA

System Event Trigger STATSPACK DDL Database Startup dbms_shared_pool.keep Logon Logoff Servererror

System Event Trigger DDL Database Startup

Oracle Privacy Security Fine Grained Auditing Client Identifier v$session sys_context

Oracle Privacy Security Fine Grained Auditing Client Identifier v$session

Oracle Privacy Advanced Security Fine Grained Auditing Virtual Private Database Client Identifier

Oracle Privacy Security Fine Grained Auditing Virtual Private Database dbms_session

Oracle Privacy Security Fine Grained Auditing Audit Handler fga_auditor fga_audit_log Flashback Queries

Oracle Privacy Security Fine Grained Auditing Audit Trail Flashback Queries

Oracle Privacy Security Fine Grained Auditing Audit Trail System Change Number dba_fga_audit_trail fga_audit

Oracle Privacy Security Fine Grained Auditing Flashback Queries dbms_flashback

Oracle Privacy Security Fine Grained Auditing Flashback Queries

Oracle Privacy Security Fine Grained Auditing Audit Trail dba_fga_audit_trail

Oracle Privacy Security Fine Grained Auditing Audit Trail fga_log$ High Water Mark HIPAA

Oracle Privacy Security Fine Grained Auditing Flashback Queries HIPAA

HIPAA Compliance

HIPAA Compliance LDAP Single Sign On

Oracle Privacy Profile Based Security Auditing HIPAA Compliance Profiles

HIPAA Compliance

HIPAA Compliance Password Management Function

HIPAA Compliance Obfuscation Toolkit

HIPAA Compliance LDAP Single Sign On

HIPAA Compliance Token Card Authentication

HIPAA Compliance Biometric Caller-ID

Oracle Privacy Physical Security Auditing HIPAA Compliance Orange Book C2

HIPAA Compliance Password Authentication

Oracle Privacy Network Security Auditing HIPAA Compliance Access Controls Valid Node Checking Connection Manager SSH Redirections

HIPAA Compliance Access Controls Role Profiles


Oracle Internal Monitoring

Oracle Shared Pool dbms_shared_pool dbmspool.sql prvtpool.plb v$db_object_cache

Oracle Shared Pool dbms_shared_pool v$db_object_cache

Oracle Shared Pool dbms_shared_pool.sizes dbmspool.sql prvtpool.plb

Oracle Shared Pool dbms_shared_pool v$sqlarea v$db_object_cache

Oracle Shared Pool Multi-threaded Server MTS v$sgastat User Global Areas

Oracle parallel_automatic_tuning tips

Oracle Large Pool Sizing

Oracle shared pool hashing

Oracle shared pool v$sqlarea

Oracle v$sqlarea script

Oracle v$librarycache script

Oracle Shared Pool Advisor in Oracle9i

Oracle Tablespace File Rollback Segments

Monitoring Rollback Transaction Size

Oracle Monitoring Redo Log Status

Oracle Tablespace File Redo Log Switches v$log_history v$archived_log DPT v_$log

Monitoring Redo Log Switches

Oracle Monitoring Redo Statistics

Oracle Tablespace File Redo Log Statistics

Oracle Tablespace File Directory Library dba_directories

Oracle Tablespace File Directory Library dba_directories

Oracle Tablespace File Directory Libraries dba_libraries

Oracle Tablespace File Libraries dba_libraries

Oracle Tablespace File Directories Libraries

Oracle Storage Object Internal Scripting Schema Manager

Oracle Storage Object Internal Scripting Enterprise Manager Table Ownership Placement Clustering

Oracle Storage Object Internal Scripting Table Ownership Placement Clustering

Oracle Storage Object Internal Scripting Dimensions Hierarchies dba_dimensions dba_dim_hierarchies

Oracle Storage Object Internal Scripting Dimensions Hierarchies

Oracle Storage Object Internal Scripting Dimensions Hierarchies

Oracle Storage Object Internal Scripting Dimensions Hierarchies dba_dimensions dba_dim_levels dba_dim_attributes

Oracle Storage Object Internal Scripting Outlines dba_outlines dba_outline_hints

Oracle Storage Object Internal Scripting Outlines

Oracle Storage Object Internal Scripting Outlines dba_outlines

Oracle Storage Object Internal Scripting Outline Hints dba_outline_hints

Oracle Storage Object Internal Scripting Outline Hints

Oracle Storage Object Internal Scripting Outline Hints

Oracle Storage Object Internal Scripting Outline Hints Materialized Views Logs

Oracle Storage Object Internal Scripting dba_mviews Materialized Views

Oracle Storage Object Internal Scripting Materialized Views dba_mviews

Oracle Storage Object Internal Scripting Materialized View Log

Oracle Storage Object Internal Scripting Materialized View Log dba_mview_logs

Oracle Storage Object Internal Scripting Index

Oracle Index Internal Scripting

Oracle Index Internal Scripting

Oracle Index Internal Scripting

Oracle Index Internal Scripting dba_indexes dba_ind_columns

Oracle Index Internal Scripting Statistics dba_indexes

Oracle Index Internal Scripting Statistics

Oracle Index Internal Scripting Statistics dba_indexes

Oracle Index Internal Scripting Statistics


Java Job Interview Questions

cbo2  cbo1 cbo3 cbo4 cbo5  cbo6 cbo7 cbo8   cbo9 cbo10  cbo11 cbo12          

rac1 rac2 rac3 rac4 rac5 rac6 rac7 rac8 rac9 rac10

horse911_1 horse911_2 horse911_3 horse911_4 horse911_5 horse911_6 horse911_7 horse911_8 horse911_9 horse911_10 horse 911_11 horse911_12 horse911_13 horse911_14 horse911_15 horse911_16

10g_grid1 10g_grid2 10g_grid3 10g_grid4 10g_grid5 10g_grid6 10g_grid7 10g_grid8 10g_grid9 10g_grid10 10g_grid11 10g_grid12 10g_grid13 10g_grid14 10g_grid15 10g_grid16 10g_grid17 10g_grid18 10g_grid19 10g_grid20

JavaJob1 JavaJob2 JavaJob3 JavaJob4 JavaJob5 JavaJob6 JavaJob7 JavaJob8 JavaJob9 JavaJob10 JavaJob11 JavaJob12 JavaJob13 JavaJob14

disk/io1 disk/io2 disk/io3 disk/io4 disk/io5 disk/io6 disk/io7 disk/io8 disk/io9 disk/io10 disk/io11

j2ee1 j2ee2 j2ee3 j2ee4 j2ee5 j2ee6 j2ee7 j2ee8 j2ee9 j2ee10 j2ee11 j2ee12 j2ee13 j2ee14 j2ee15 j2ee16 j2ee17 j2ee18

programmer1 programmer2 programmer3 programmer4 programmer5 programmer6 programmer7 programmer8 programmer9 programmer10 programmer11 programmer12 programmer13 programmer14 programmer15

webdesign1 webdesign2 webdesign3 webdesign4 webdesign5 webdesign6 webdesign7  webdesign8 webdesign9 webdesign10 webdesign11 webdesign12 webdesign13 webdesign14 webdesign15 webdesign16 webdesign17 webdesign18 webdesign19 webdesign20
webdesign21 webdesign22 webdesign23 webdesign24

network1 network2 network3 network4 network5 network6 network7 network8 network9 network10 network11 network12 network13 network14 network15 network16

TopJob1 TopJob2 TopJob3 TopJob4 TopJob5 TopJob6 TopJob7 TopJob8 TopJob9 TopJob10 TopJob11 TopJob12 Top Job 13 TopJob14 TopJob15 TopJob16

unix1 unix2 unix3 unix4 unix5 unix6 unix7 unix8 unix9 unix10 unix11 unix12 unix13 unix14 unix15 unix16

webmaster1 webmaster2 webmaster3 webmaster4 webmaster5 webmaster6 webmaster7 webmaster8 webmaster9 webmaster10 webmaster11 webmaster12 webmaster13 webmaster14 webmaster15
webmaster16 webmaster17 webmaster18 webmaster19 webmaster20 
webmaster21 webmaster22 webmaster23 webmaster24 webmaster25

orajob1 orajob2 orajob3 orajob4 orajob5 orajob6 orajob7 orajob8 orajob9 orajob10 orajob11

Oracle Disk I/O Tuning
SCSI Symmetrix Disk Array
Options Disk Adapter
SCSI Interface pbufs
Queue Depth IEEE1394 Fibre Channel
Queue Full Disk Interfaces
scsictl Command RAID Disk Stripping
scsictl Command RAID Disk Shadowing
scsictl Command RAID Mirroring
scsictl Command RAID
SCSI Interface RAID Disk Mirroring
SCSI Adapter RAID Oracle SCSI
lsattr Command RAID EMC Storage Arrays

Oracle Disk I/O Tuning

CFS Raw Devices Cluster RAC Database RAW Partition
Cluster Volume Manager Data Control Log Files
Volume Management RAC Shared Storage RAW Partitions
Mirroring Striping  

Linux command reference poster


Oracle Scripts
Top Oracle Scripts Oracle Backup Script
Oracle Backup Scripts Oracle Crontab Scripts
Oracle Scripts Oracle Script
Oracle SQL Scripts Oracle SQL Tuning Script
Oracle SQL Tuning Scripts Unix Oracle Script
Unix Oracle Scripts  

J2EE Job Interview

Java Server Pages JSP Page Design Patterns
Error Page appError.jsp Design Patterns
Java Beans Bean Design Categories
Enterprise Java Beans Struts Framework
Constructor Class JavaBean Abstract Factory Method
Java Class JavaBean Session Facade
JavaBean JSP Page Attributes Singleton
JSP Attribute Syntax Iterator Design Pattern
JavaBean jsp:useBean Action J2SE API Iterator
JSP Initial Values J2SE Decorator Pattern
JavaBean JSP Alternative Sub-classing Object
jsp:useBean Local Java Variable Changing Objects

Programmer Job Interview

Deployment Descriptor Root Directory  

Oracle 10g Grid Computing

seeing eye ponies
seeing eye horse
pygmy horse

Easy Oracle Automation
t_easyoracle_49_automatic_workload_ t_easyoracle_61_statistics_collection_
t_easyoracle_50_statistics_collection_ t_easyoracle_62_dba_high_water_
t_easyoracle_51_statistics_ t_easyoracle_63_server_generated_
t_easyoracle_52_architecture_awr_ t_easyoracle_64_stateful_alerts_
t_easyoracle_53_active_session_ t_easyoracle_65_dba_outstanding_
t_easyoracle_54_awr_snapshots_ t_easyoracle_66_dba_alert_
t_easyoracle_55_snapshots_ t_easyoracle_67_manage_metrics_
t_easyoracle_58_basic_ t_easyoracle_70_alerts_
t_easyoracle_59_interval_parameter_ t_easyoracle_71_v$alert_
t_easyoracle_60_statistics_collection_ t_easyoracle_72_dba_thresholds_

Oracle Streams
Streams Pool in the SGA  
Create LogMiner tablespace syntax  
Creating the Streams Administrator t_oraclestreams_111_queue_tables_
t_oraclestreams_104_database_links_ t_oraclestreams_116_capture_process_
t_oraclestreams_105_system_change_ t_oraclestreams_117_pre-filtering_capture_

Oracle Streams

Oracle Streams

Web Designer Job Interview
t_webdesigner_97_broken_links_ t_webdesigner_109_hyperlink_target_
t_webdesigner_98_php_development_ t_webdesigner_110_background_image_
t_webdesigner_99_url_parameter_ t_webdesigner_111_orphaned_files_
t_webdesigner_100_url_parameter_ t_webdesigner_112_site_map_
t_webdesigner_101_image_re-sampling_ t_webdesigner_113_mysql_
t_webdesigner_102_imaging_editing_ t_webdesigner_114_mysql_error_log_
t_webdesigner_104_tool_option_ t_webdesigner_116_binary_update_
t_webdesigner_105_page_views_ t_webdesigner_117_mysqlbinlog_
t_webdesigner_106_local_remote_ t_webdesigner_118_mysql_drop_database_
t_webdesigner_107_table_design_ t_webdesigner_119_mysql_prompt_
t_webdesigner_108_page_templates_ t_webdesigner_120_mysql_commands_

Web Designer Job Interview
t_webdesigner_193_java_development_ide_ t_webdesigner_205_signed_integral_
t_webdesigner_194_control_systems_ t_webdesigner_206_throw_able_class_
t_webdesigner_195_level_education_ t_webdesigner_207_system.out_
t_webdesigner_196_public_classes_ t_webdesigner_208_string_object_
t_webdesigner_197_declarations_ t_webdesigner_209_value_string_
t_webdesigner_198_package_statement_ t_webdesigner_210_variable_constant_
t_webdesigner_199_java_source_file_ t_webdesigner_211_operator_strings_
t_webdesigner_200_statement_elements_ t_webdesigner_212_first_character_identifier_
t_webdesigner_201_program_imports_ t_webdesigner_213_string_integer_
t_webdesigner_202_command-line_utility_ t_webdesigner_214_string_byte_statement_
t_webdesigner_203_method_jvm_ t_webdesigner_215_string_long_
t_webdesigner_204_main_method_ t_webdesigner_216_j2ee_telephone_

Web Designer Job Interview

t_webdesigner_337_non-technical_self_characteristics_ t_webdesigner_349_non-technical_success_
t_webdesigner_338_non-technical_ideal_job_ t_webdesigner_350_non-technical_accomplishment_
t_webdesigner_339_non-technical_tough_customer_ t_webdesigner_351_non-technical_failure_
t_webdesigner_340_non-technical_difficult_co-worker_ t_webdesigner_352_non-technical_leadership_
t_webdesigner_341_non-technical_start_availability_ t_webdesigner_353_non-technical_travel_
t_webdesigner_342_non-technical_career_goals_ t_webdesigner_354_self_improvements_
t_webdesigner_343_non-technical_career_goals_ t_webdesigner_355_areas_education_
t_webdesigner_344_non-technical_spare_time_ t_webdesigner_356_salary_requirements_
t_webdesigner_345_non-technical_motivations_ t_webdesigner_357_policy_processes_
t_webdesigner_346_non-technical_work_importance_ t_webdesigner_358_policy_accordance_
t_webdesigner_347_non-technical_qualities_ t_webdesigner_359_high_money_loss_
t_webdesigner_348_non-technical_work_experience_ t_webdesigner_360_policy_challenging_

Web Stalkers
t_webstalker_73_stalker_protection_ t_webstalker_85_sexual_deviants_
t_webstalker_74_brain_scanning_ t_webstalker_86_web_addicts_
t_webstalker_75_social_incompetents_ t_webstalker_87_web_addicts_
t_webstalker_76_pseudo_stalker_ t_webstalker_88_web_addicts_
t_webstalker_79_stalker_types_ t_webstalker_91_web_pornography_addicts_
t_webstalker_80_stalker_types_ t_webstalker_92_online_dating_
t_webstalker_81_stalker_types_ t_webstalker_93_online_dating_
t_webstalker_82_web_deviants_ t_webstalker_94_online_dating_
t_webstalker_83_deviants_ t_webstalker_95_online_dating_
t_webstalker_84_deviants_ t_webstalker_96_social_incompetents_

Web Stalkers
t_webstalker_217_plagiarism_ t_webstalker_229_internet_scams_
t_webstalker_218_web_content_theft_ t_webstalker_230_scams_fraud_
t_webstalker_219_honor_code_ t_webstalker_231_web_scammer_
t_webstalker_220_honor_code_ t_webstalker_232_web_scams_
t_webstalker_221_punishment_plagiarists_ t_webstalker_233_web_scams_fraud_
t_webstalker_222_plagiarists_ t_webstalker_234_e-commerce_
t_webstalker_223_laws_plagiarism_ t_webstalker_235_cybercash_
t_webstalker_224_cybersquatting_ t_webstalker_236_e-commerce_
t_webstalker_226_cybersquatting_ t_webstalker_238_internet_retailers_
t_webstalker_227_domain_names_ t_webstalker_239_convenience_e-commerce_
t_webstalker_228_web_page_cybercrimes_ t_webstalker_240_intelligent_e-commerce_

Web Stalkers
t_webstalker_361_virus_protection_ t_webstalker_374_spam_message_header_
t_webstalker_362_software_best_practices_ t_webstalker_375_spam_filtering_
t_webstalker_363_backups_web_safety_ t_webstalker_376_spam_control_
t_webstalker_364_virus_attacks_ t_webstalker_377_spam_control_
t_webstalker_365_virus_attacks_solutions_ t_webstalker_378_filters_control_
t_webstalker_366_virus_attacks_prevention_ t_webstalker_379_spam_control_
t_webstalker_367_spam_ t_webstalker_380_spam_filters_
t_webstalker_368_spam_unrequested_email_ t_webstalker_381_spammers_
t_webstalker_369_spam_opt-in_ t_webstalker_382_phishing_scam_
t_webstalker_370_spam_spamboy_ t_webstalker_383_parsing_e-mail_header_
t_webstalker_371_spamboy_ t_webstalker_384_decode_URL_
t_webstalker_372_internet_spam_ t_webstalker_385_spam_filters_prevention_

OCP Instructors
t_ocpinstructors_97_range_hash_composite_ t_ocpinstructors_109_undo_segments_
t_ocpinstructors_98_oracle9i_tablespace_ t_ocpinstructors_110_undo_segments_
t_ocpinstructors_99_db_create_file_ t_ocpinstructors_111_redo_logs_
t_ocpinstructors_100_segment_space_ t_ocpinstructors_112_checkpoint_
t_ocpinstructors_101_db_cache_size_ t_ocpinstructors_113_checkpoint_
t_ocpinstructors_102_oracle9i_tablespace_ t_ocpinstructors_114_resizing_redo_logs_
t_ocpinstructors_103_oracle_database_fundamentals_ t_ocpinstructors_115_oracle_tables_index_
t_ocpinstructors_104_locally_managed_system_ t_ocpinstructors_116_space_utilization_
t_ocpinstructors_105_rollback_segments_ t_ocpinstructors_117_index-only_tables_
t_ocpinstructors_106_dba_segments_ t_ocpinstructors_118_single_hash_
t_ocpinstructors_107_batch_ t_ocpinstructors_119_single_table_hash_
t_ocpinstructors_108_dba_rollback_ t_ocpinstructors_120_external_tables_

OCP Instructors
t_ocpinstructors_241_business_unit_ t_ocpinstructors_253_documentation_
t_ocpinstructors_242_IT_management_ t_ocpinstructors_254_documentation_
t_ocpinstructors_243_evaluation_team_ t_ocpinstructors_255_OFA_Naming_
t_ocpinstructors_244_initial_elimination_ t_ocpinstructors_256_change_request_
t_ocpinstructors_245_vendor_evaluation_ t_ocpinstructors_257_change_request_process_
t_ocpinstructors_246_vendor_evaluation_ t_ocpinstructors_258_database_change_
t_ocpinstructors_247_results_ t_ocpinstructors_259_administration_monitoring_scripts_
t_ocpinstructors_248_evaluation_ t_ocpinstructors_260_service_level_agreements_
t_ocpinstructors_249_management_evaluation_ t_ocpinstructors_261_corrective_action_
t_ocpinstructors_250_database_administration_ t_ocpinstructors_262_documentation_request_change_
t_ocpinstructors_251_documentation_ t_ocpinstructors_263_database_security_
t_ocpinstructors_252_datafiles_ t_ocpinstructors_264_export_utility_files_

Job Scheduling

t_jobscheduling_97_jobs_ t_jobscheduling_109_create_window_
t_jobscheduling_98_drop_job_ t_jobscheduling_110_dba_scheduler_windows_
t_jobscheduling_99_job_classes_ t_jobscheduling_111_scheduler_windows_
t_jobscheduling_100_job_classes_ t_jobscheduling_112_scheduler_windows_
t_jobscheduling_101_dba_rsrc_ t_jobscheduling_113_close_window_
t_jobscheduling_102_dba_scheduler_ t_jobscheduling_114_open_close_window_
t_jobscheduling_103_job_classes_ t_jobscheduling_115_drop_window_
t_jobscheduling_104_set_attribute_ t_jobscheduling_116_window_groups_
t_jobscheduling_105_drop_job_class_ t_jobscheduling_117_create_window_groups_
t_jobscheduling_106_drop_job_class_ t_jobscheduling_118_window_groups_
t_jobscheduling_108_create_window_ t_jobscheduling_120_add_window_group_




t_ault_22_spfile_ordsys_jvm t_ault_23_dbora_lsnrctl_dbstart
t_ault_26_dbca_sid_datafiles t_ault_29_clauses_svrmgr_thread
t_ault_34_acct_pay_vends t_ault_39_partitions_alter_table
t_ault_43_cascade_constaints_columns t_ault_47_kcbh_ub4_ktbit
t_ault_51_nonprefixed_dml_soundex t_ault_55_rebuilding_dbms_metadata
t_ault_59_administration_materialized_snapshots t_ault_63_lob_trigger_mutating
t_ault_67_dba_sga_lru t_ault_127_enqueues_tablespaces_latches
t_ault_71_drop_cluster_decluster t_ault_75_tab_col_privs_recd
t_ault_79_setenv_borne_shell_epc t_ault_83_dpt_ref_varrays
t_ault_87_iot_lob_bitmap t_ault_91_script_roles_creator
t_ault_95_dba_rollback_segs t_ault_99_dba_ddl_dml

Oracle Wait Event Tuning

t_andert_37_ash_sga_qc t_andert_38_addm_awr_db
t_andert_39_intsize_csec_script t_andert_40_dba_sql_script
t_andert_41_sid_session_current t_andert_42_dba_users_sql
t_andert_43_mmon_mmnl_lite t_andert_44_oltp_dbms_snapshot
t_andert_45_dba_database_load t_andert_46_addm_db_awr
t_andert_47_addm_cpu_sql t_andert_48_dba_advisor_tasks

Easy Oracle SQL
t_garmany_19_sql_commit_database t_garmany_20_rows_rollback_partial
t_garmany_23_integrity_database_constraints t_garmany_24_mview_physical_table
t_garmany_25_rowid_query_row t_garmany_26_udx_child_column
t_garmany_easysql_aggregation_denormalization t_garmany_easysql_all_about_keys
t_garmany_easysql_inside_the_relational_model t_garmany_easysql_misleading_data_relationships
t_garmany_easysql_weak_entities_XE t_garmany_easysql_inside_the_database
t_garmany_easysql_sql_and_sql_plus t_garmany_easysql_the_select_statement

You're Fired
t_papaj_1_fraudulent_misuse_it t_papaj_2_eeoc_firing_employees
t_papaj_3_hire_skilled_specialist t_papaj_4_employee_handbook_agreement
t_papaj_5_lawsuit_corroboration_witnesses t_papaj_6_professional_work_ethic
t_papaj_7_ocp_mcse_dama t_papaj_8_lawsuit_ada_aa


















Easy Oracle PL/SQL Programming

t_easyoracle_pl_sql.htm t_easyoracle_pl_sql_developer_textpad
t_easyoracle_pl_sql_plus_pubs_listener t_easyoracle_pl_sql_plus_ddl_dml_toad_raptor
t_easyoracle_pl_sql_basic_structure_inout.htm t_easyoracle_pl_sql_output_vline_v_string
t_easyoracle_pl_sql_code_readability_white_space t_easyoracle_pl_sql_code_comments
t_easyoracle_pl_sql_variable_declaration_conversion t_easyoracle_pl_sql_variable_naming_convention


t_easy_html_db_buttons_in_region_position t_easy_html_db_button_display_among_region_items
t_easy_html_db_button_attributes_in_a_region_position t_easy_html_db_button_attributes_created_region_items
t_easy_html_db_creating_multiple_buttons t_easy_html_db_date_picker
t_easy_html_db_pick_date t_easy_html_db_list_of_values.htm
t_easy_html_db_dynamic_lov t_easy_html_db_publish_and_subscribe
t_easy_html_db_select_lists t_easy_html_db_parent_child_select_lists
t_easy_html_db_multiple_select_lists t_easy_html_db_form_on_table
t_easy_html_db_master_detail_form.htm t_easy_html_db_form_for_email
t_easy_html_db_multiple_lists_select t_easy_html_db_list_manager
t_easy_html_db_working_with_list_manager t_easy_html_db_radio_buttons
t_easy_html_db_collections t_easy_html_db_sorting_collection
t_easy_html_db_save_changes_collection_table t_easy_html_db_displaying_data_collection_report
t_easy_html_db_charts t_easy_html_db_calendars
t_easy_html_db_customizing_a_calendar.htm t_easy_html_db_stop_start_table
t_easy_html_db_text_fields t_easy_html_db_text_field_attributes
t_easy_html_db_inventory_management t_easy_html_db_created_templates
t_easy_html_db_development_server t_easy_html_db_generating_ddl
t_easy_html_db_exporting_ddl t_easy_html_db_exporting_data
t_easy_html_db_exporting_application t_easy_html_db_exporting_css
t_easy_html_db_exporting_images t_easy_html_db_exporting_static_files
t_easy_html_db_user_interface t_easy_html_db_importing_running_ddl
t_easy_html_db_importing_application t_easy_html_db_importing_css
t_easy_html_db_importing_static_file t_easy_html_db_exporting_themes

Easy Oracle PHP

t_gogala_easyphp_array_range t_gogala_easyphp_preg_match
t_gogala_easyphp_abstract t_gogala_easyphp_classes_methods
t_gogala_easyphp_inheritance t_gogala_easyphp_interfaces
t_gogala_easyphp_exceptions t_gogala_easyphp_oomagic
t_gogala_easyphp_sessions t_gogala_easyphp_session_registry
t_gogala_easyphp_extract t_gogala_easyphp_oci
t_gogala_easyphp_connecting t_gogala_easyphp_handling_errors
t_gogala_easyphp_executing_sql.htm t_gogala_easyphp_binding
t_gogala_easyphp_variables.htm t_gogala_easyphp_oci8.htm
t_gogala_easyphp_auxiliary t_gogala_easyphp_php5
t_gogala_easyphp_pear t_gogala_easyphp_ADOdb
t_gogala_easyphp_unsupported_features t_gogala_easyphp_array_interface
t_gogala_easyphp_direct_load t_gogala_easyphp_two_phase

Oracle, Set the Environment

Oracle, Using CTAS with an Index Hint

Oracle, Move the Trace File

Oracle, Change default file permissions with umask

Oracle, Standard command history

Oracle, Re-sequencing table rows to reduce disk I/O

Oracle, Using CTAS with the order by Clause

Oracle, Change file owners in UNIX

Oracle, Get the free space limits

A Real-Time Check for Oracle Problems

Oracle, Web Server Alert Report

Oracle, Managing the UNIX environment for the oracle user

Reporting on the Oracle Disk Architecture

Oracle, Reducing disk I/O in UNIX

Oracle Performance and disk I/O

Oracle, Get the e-mail lists, large enviroments

Oracle, Get the UNIX home directory

Oracle, Copy tnsnames.ora to all UNIX Servers

Oracle, Mark the dialect differences for file space commands

Oracle, Monitoring UNIX disk I/O,

Oracle, Useful UNIX Aliases for Oracle

Oracle, Get the fully-qualified UNIX path names for directories

Oracle, Two Alternatives for Using CTAS

Oracle, Cleanup old holding files

Oracle, Preliminary checking and set-up

Large Blocks and Oracle Indexes

Oracle, Terminate the script if the database is down

Oracle, Defining the STATSPACK table

Oracle, Extending STATSPACK for Disk I/O Data

Oracle9i and multiple block sizes

Linux, Get Process Status, kdeinit, CMD, ps

Linux, Paging and Swapping Devices, swapon, swap disk, cat

Linux, Viewing Kernel Parameters, msgmax, sysctl

Linux, Interactive Statistics Using TOP Utility, display, system, process

Linux, Displaying Multi-Processor Statistics, mpstat, interval, value

Linux, Displaying Virtual Memory Statistics, vmstat, report, interval

Using netstat for Linux, ICMP, DGRAM

Linux, Display your Linux File System , eide, df, mount

Linux, Kill Process, pgrep, signal, terminate

Linux, Switch to a Different User, su command, root logon

Linux, Create a complex alias shortcut, command

Getting Help with Linux, man, syntax, pcpu

Linux, CPU Related Information, processor, bogomips, fpu

Linux, Display Number Processors in Server, grep, cpuinfo, wc

Linux, Displaying total memory on Linux system, meminfo, buffers, ram

Linux, Top Memory and CPU users, ps, gdmgreeter, aux

Linux, Administration Files, root user powerful administrative

Linux Directory Management, program, tree, structure

Linux, Directory Structure, GUI, module, grub

Linux, Create empty file, touch command, timestamp

Oracle physical I/O Myths, exposed

Allocating Oracle Objects Multiple RAM Data Buffers

Oracle, Installing STATSPACK, captured statistics

Oracle, Insert, Delete and Partitioning Operations

Oracle, Dangerous Older technology

shift Oracle bottlenecks, cheap solid state disks

Oracle, SSD Average Transaction Time

Oracle, Locating Slow Disk ASH, snapshot, wait events

Oracle, Problem Super-large Disks

Oracle Logical I/O Slow

Chasm between bandwidth, performance

Database Characteristics files moved SSD

Oracle RAC Cache Fusion, I/O Bandwidth

Oracle, Using AWRRPT Reports, HTML based versions

Oracle, ATA Configurations, SSD and SATA

Finding Baselines, Oracle9i STATSPACK, Oracle10g AWR information

Oracle Bandwidth Saturation, sub-optimal disk configuration

Oracle, Removing Bandwidth Saturation, SSD

SQL Server, Data Lifecycle Management, DML, ILM, Layer

SQL Server, Modeling Peak Efficiency, Availability, Speed

SQL Server, Object Resource Availability, blocking lock tree

SQL Server, Data - Code Positioning, object definitions

SQL Server, Access Path Effectiveness, efficiency

SQL Server, Design Success, efficiency, performance model

SQL Server, The Impact of Availability, performance model

SQL Server, Impact of Speed, peak efficiency risk

SQL Server, Laying Strong Foundation, database tuning guideline

SQL Server, Physical Database Design Overlooked, modelers RDBMS RAD

SQL Server, Number One Performance Myth, coding codes

SQL Server, Logical - Physical Data Management

SQL Server, Addressing Problems Performance Testing, OLTP DML

SQL Server, Performance Testing Solutions, database unbreakable

SQL Server, Link Change Control Performance, Database Synchronization

SQL Server, Establishing Smart Monitoring Plan, statistical data

SQL Server, Cursory Monitoring, DBCC dynamic management

SQL Server, 24 x 7 Monitoring, Ad-hoc enterprise database monitor

SQL Server, Build versus Buy, cursory analytic monitoring, SQL

SQL Server, Ratio Analysis, performance counters, efficiency

SQL Server, Diagnosing Storage, System Problems

SQL Server, Proactive Action, PLM

SQL Server, Bottleneck Analysis, wait-based

SQL Server, Storage Bottlenecks, database space, sp_spaceused

SQL Server, Quick SQL Server Storage Primer, data_spaces filegroups

SQL Server, Physical I/O Crisis, disk configuration iops

SQL Server, Monitoring SQL Server, Bottleneck, Workload, Ratio, Analysis

SQL Server, Error Log Analysis, bottlenecks, counts

SQL Server, Deadlocks, application design issues

SQL Server, Examining Session Waits, diagnostic metrics

SQL Server, Server Workload Analysis, SQL Server health

SQL Server, Examining CPU Activity, T-SQL code

SQL Server, Database Workload Analysis, dbactivity_overview

SQL Server, Getting Database I/O Details, iostall fn_virtualfilestats

SQL Server, Forecasting, Monitoring, Tuning

SQL Server, Reducing Backup Recovery Impact

SQL Server, Proper Database and Log File Placement

SQL Server, Bad SQL, various database monitors

SQL Server, System Waste, database-driven applications

SQL Server, Global SQL Metrics, auto-param sp_recompile

SQL Server, SQL Statement Analysis, stored procedures

SQL Server, Creating Traces, up_wl_trace_sql SQL Agent

SQL Server, Viewing Trace Information, fn_trace_gettable function profiler

SQL Server, Ratio-based Analysis, performance

SQL Server, Self-Managing Databases

SQL Server, Accurate Ratio Analysis Techniques, cntr_value

SQL Server, Memory Ratios, buffer plan cache up_memory_status

SQL Server, Buffer Cache Performance, hit ratio page_life query

SQL Server, Self-Managing Meaning, automatic problem diagnosis

SQL Server, Self-Managing, require trained DBA

SQL Server, Real Benefits Self-Managing Databases

SQL Server, Using Filegroups, transaction log files

SQL Server, Optimization Toolbox, Query Analyzer tool

SQL Server, Obtain Baseline, performance query stored code

SQL Server, Table Index Scans, partitioning

SQL Server, Indexes Fillfactor, settings DBCC page_splits

SQL Server, Unused Indexes, waste storage Tuning Wizard

SQL Server, Physical Design Revisions

SQL Server, Clustered Indexes, table purge fragmented


SQL Server, Rewrite Benchmark, UNION query performance

SQL Server, Object-Based Solutions, Denormalizing subqueries

SQL Server, Intelligent Indexing, fillfactor tables clustered

SQL Server, Nasty Join Operations, Cartesian product

SQL Server, Storage Structure Planning, RAID technology

SQL Server, Index Database Tuning Wizard, Advisor

SQL Server, ODS API, functions SRV_PROC pointer

SQL Server, Default values, SP XP

SQL Server, Dependency Walker, Input Output parameters

SQL Server, Unicode Compilation, Win32 functions

SQL Server, Unicode Character Set, Consortium unified

SQL Server, Using Query Analyzer, debug SP, testing TSQL

SQL Server, ASCII Character Set, American Standard Code

SQL Server, Handling different data types, boolean

SQL Server, Execution Extended Stored Procedures, SP, UDF

SQL Server, Parameter Management, srv_parname XP

SQL Server 2005, extended stored procedures

SQL Server, Precompiled headers, pch stdafx

SQL Server, Registering XP from Enterprise Manager, GUI

SQL Server, Security / Connection Management, XP_ODBC

SQL Server, Named parameters, ODS XP

SQL Server, Exporting function, standard boilerplate code

SQL Server, Implementation, framework XP_NETSEND code

SQL Server, Applications XP_SMTPSENDMAIL, table

SQL Server, Implement encapsulation C++ classes

SQL Server, Choice Mail Library, SMTP MAPI XP

SQL Server, Implementation Details, ADO EOF MSDN

SQL Server, XP_NET_SEND Jobs, Administrator

SQL Server, Code Highlights, parameters CDO macros CC

SQL Server, Using framework, Appwizard SDK MFC ATL DLL

SQL Server, Provide automatic conversion parameter data types

SQL Server, Encapsulate verification setup parameters

SQL Server, Testing Code, Script EXEC

SQL Server, Track Memory Leaks, runtime heap allocations

SQL Server, Using CDO Windows 2000, DLL JScript


SQL Server, Asymmetric Encryption / Decryption, RSA DSA

SQL Server, XP_HTMLENCODE2, EscapeXML ATL Unicode framework


SQL Server, Symmetric Encryption / Decryption, Stream Ciphers CBC

SQL Server, Applications XP_CRYPTOAPI, UDF functions

SQL Server, MS CryptoAPI based Public Key Implementations

SQL Server, Applications XP_HTMLENCODE, varchar nvarchar

SQL Server, Helix Stream Cipher, CryptoAPI MAC

SQL Server, CRC32 Checksum Algorithm, CRC dwCRC

SQL Server, MS CryptoAPI Hash Algorithm Implementations CSP


SQL Server, Hashing, hash value data collision - resistance


SQL Server, Blowfish - TEA Block Cipher, CBlowFish ECB mode

SQL Server, MS CryptoAPI based Signing / Verification Implementations

SQL Server, MD4, MD5, SHA, Hash Algorithm

SQL Server, Referential Integrity, DRI Declarative

SQL Server, Aggregate functions, SUM alphanumeric numeric

SQL Server, Data types data structure use, Timestamp Uniqueidentifier

SQL Server, Binary, Varbinary data type fixed variable

SQL Server, Constraints, CHECK Column-level integrity

SQL Server, User-Defined Data Types, UDT nullability NULL

SQL Server, Char stores fixed length ASCII data

SQL Server, Derived table, subqueries JOIN WHERE clause

SQL Server, Joins, ANSI SQL-92 syntax inner outer cross

SQL Server, Data Integrity, mechanism Entity Domain Referential

SQL Server, Variant data type, reference SP PROPERTY

SQL Server, Outer right, join clause rows tables

SQL Server, Real , floating point numeric valid values mantissa

SQL Server, Decimal numeric, precision scale

SQL Server, Temporary tables, tempdb output rows

SQL Server, With Check Option, CREATE VIEW pubs column

SQL Server, Data types code use, Cursor Table statements

SQL Server, Nchar stores fixed length Unicode data DATALENGTH

SQL Server, UNIQUE, constraint CLUSTERED order_id

SQL Server, Foreign Key, column primary tables

SQL Server, About NULL TSQL, SET option ANSI_NULLS

SQL Server, Inner join, equi-join ON clause rowset

SQL Server, Self join, filter tables aliases inner

SQL Server, debug toolbar, ESP Stack EBP base EIP Pointer

SQL Server, Clustered Non-clustered Indexes, order data

SQL Server, Ideas prevent injection, attacks single quote

SQL Server, Enforcing referential integrity, cascade DRI migration

SQL Server, prevent script injection, buffer overflow exploit

SQL Server, Referential Integrity triggers, cascade DRI

SQL Server, Pages Extents, storage Mixed Data Heaps

SQL Server, Avoiding buffer overflows, security coding strlen

SQL Server, Security tools, NGSS Software benign hacking

SQL Server, Web application script injection, ASP PHP versions

SQL Server, Port security, IANA Server Network Utility

SQL Server, Enforcing referential integrity, cascade DRI migration

SQL Server, Script injection MSDOS commands, xp_cmdshell

SQL Server, injection dynamic, SP validate_user filtered login password

SQL Server, Security Considerations, filtering disrupt code multiline

SQL Server, Cross-site scripting - XSS, Javascript VBScript webmail

SQL Server, Collation, LCID ID ASCII CS AS BIN Pref CI AI

SQL Server Injection, hacking technique Query Analyzer

Oracle, fixed-size areas pinned objects, memory packages

Oracle, Tuning - Buffer Cache, blocksize recycle pool areas

Oracle, Use RECYCLE Pool, ALTER LOB database buffer

Oracle, Memory Tuning, Database internals performance

Oracle, Use KEEP Pool, LRU database buffer initialization parameter

Oracle, Installation Use STATSPACK, tablespace PERFSTAT

Oracle, Shared Pool Summary, usage reused sizing

Oracle, Monitoring Library - Data Dictionary Caches

Oracle, Disk I/O - Shared Pool, Pcode versions DTP

Oracle, Shared Pool, MTS, related memory areas monitor

Oracle, Large Pool Sizing, parallel query option processes

oerr on Windows


AWR tuning book:

Oracle 64-bit servers

Oracle Server Consolidation

Oracle Server Metrics and SQL Execution

Oracle CPU & I/O costing

Oracle Network Tuning

Oracle SDU and TDU parameters

Oracle database caching

Oracle RAID

Oracle and Direct I/O

Oracle Blocksize and Disk I/O

Oracle Index Blocksize

Oracle Multiple Blocksizes

Oracle Improving SQL execution plans

db_block_size with multiple block sizes

Oracle: Reducing disk I/O with SSD

Oracle file i/o scripts

Oracle Automating KEEP Pool Assignment

Large Blocks and Oracle Instance Caching

Oracle 10g Block Space Usage

Oracle Tuning from Performance Benchmarks

Oracle SQL Tuning Goals

Oracle Sample Size with dbms_stats







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