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Oracle Tips by Burleson 

Useful UNIX Aliases for Oracle

This is a list on common UNIX aliases that can be added to the .profile of the UNIX Oracle user. There are two compelling reasons to use these standard aliases.

In large environments, you may find Oracle file systems that were not installed according to the Oracle Optimal Flexible Architecture (OFA) standard. This is especially true for vendor-installed Oracle systems. The use of standard aliases eliminates the file hunting that commonly occurs on a foreign Oracle server.
For example, one installed the alert alias will reliably display the most recent 100 lines of the alert log file, regardless of the actual location of the file.

# UNIX Aliases for the Oracle DBA

alias alert='tail -100 $DBA/$ORACLE_SID/bdump/alert_$ORACLE_SID.log|more'
alias arch='cd $DBA/$ORACLE_SID/arch'
alias bdump='cd $DBA/$ORACLE_SID/bdump'
alias cdump='cd $DBA/$ORACLE_SID/cdump'
alias pfile='cd $DBA/$ORACLE_SID/pfile'
alias rm='rm -i'
alias sid='env|grep ORACLE_SID'
alias admin='cd $DBA/admin'

To illustrate, here we use the pfile alias to quickly change to our UNIX directory that contains the init.ora file:

> pfile


The above is an excerpt from the "Oracle9i UNIX Administration Handbook" by Oracle press, authored by Donald K. Burleson.


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