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The world's most widely-read Computer Cartoonist Featured in LA Times
Donald Burleson

It’s no surprise that the Los Angeles Times has published a feature article about Mike Reed, the famous kids book illustrator and author of the legendary “Flame Warriors” cartoons.  Mike Reed became world famous for his hard-hitting and wickedly-funny wit and human insight:

“Children's book illustrator Mike Reed has devoted a website to Internet insults. Think of Sesame Street populated by Oscar the Grouch and 83 of his relatives.”

Flame Warriors has become a worldwide phenomenon because the warriors are people we instantly recognize from our visits to forums.  Everybody is there, from the “Netiquette Nazi” (who rules over the forum with an iron hand) to the “Troller” who is always fishing to start an argument.

Even without the hilarious descriptions, the drawings are amazing.  His characters capture everyone’s classic stereotypes, like the hilarious Pervert that makes 8 out of 10 people laugh out loud, even before they read the text:

Wily and very secretive, Perv isn't actually a genuine Warrior in the strictest sense; he isn't interested in combat psychology, fighting tactics or even winning battles, and he couldn't care less about the subject under discussion - all he REALLY wants to know is what you are wearing.

With the uncanny insight of a social psychologist and the sharp “Eddie Murphy” style wit, all we have to do is look at the face of the “Atheist” we know exactly what’s happening, and you can’t help but laugh out loud after you take-in the whole scene in multiple steps.  Your eyes are first drawn to the shock of the Atheist.  Then Reed slyly takes you deeper into his drawing and delivers the punch line in the thrusting Cruisifix:

 Anyone who has even visited a chat room for forum will instantly recognize these stereotypes, and millions of people across the globe have become and Mike Reed fans.

Mike Reed was also generous to provide his art for the landmark book “Helping Hooves” by Rampant TechPress.  Mike Reeds Flame warriors are so popular that an entire forum is devoted just to stimulate the wicked genius of Mike Reed’s imagination:





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