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Rampant Technology Six Packs

Everybody likes a six pack now and then, and Rampant is happy to introduce incredible saving on Oracle six packs, designed especially for the Oracle professional.

A Rampant 6-pack is the perfect remedy for Oracle blues.  Each six-pack is a specially collected set of Oracle references geared to a specific area of Oracle database knowledge.  Get the top Oracle books and save up to 50% off.

Oracle Tuning Half-Pack

Oracle tuning is an extremely complex endeavor and it is critical to have focused tools and scripts to be successful.  The world's top Oracle tuning experts are now together in this landmark collection of Oracle tuning books, three indispensable references, all for only $79.95.

Get the Oracle Tuning Library
Save $100 - All four books for only $118.95 
Oracle Tuning: The Definitive Reference 3rd Edition $69.95
Advanced Oracle SQL Tuning: The Definitive Reference $59.95
Oracle Performance Troubleshooting 2nd Ed $34.95
Oracle Tuning Powerscripts $37.95


Complete Oracle Tuning Set

Oracle tuning is an extremely complex endeavor and it is critical to have focused tools and scripts to be successful.  Get these two indispensable tuning references, a $119 value for only $79.95.

Get the Complete Oracle Tuning Set
Both for only $79.95 - a $119.00 value
Oracle Tuning: The Definitive Reference 2nd Edition $69.95
Advanced Oracle SQL Tuning $59.95


Oracle RAC Pack

If you are not proficient in Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC), then you may be missing-out.  Oracle RAC technology is becoming necessary for thousands of Oracle jobs, and the RAC pack can help.  With the bestselling "Oracle 10g Grid & RAC", "Oracle Personal RAC" and four other references, it's the best deal anywhere, $168.00 worth of books for only $79.95.

Get the RAC Pack - Half price!
Six Pack RAC for $79.95 - A $168.00 value
Oracle 10g Grid & Real Application Clusters $69.95
Personal Oracle RAC Clusters $27.95
Oracle on VMware $34.95
Oracle SQL Internals eBook $19.95
Oracle Space Management eBook $24.95
Oracle 10g DBA Reference Poster



Oracle 11g Pack

Oracle technology is constantly changing and Oracle 11g Grid introduced some important and complex new features.  It is critical for every Oracle professional to have a grasp of Oracle 11g and understand how to use these powerful new features.  This exciting 11g pack has it all, including "Oracle Database 11g New Features", the "Oracle 11g Reference Poster", the online Oracle 11g Scripts Collection, Dr. Kumar’s bestseller "Easy Oracle Automation", "Oracle Silver Bullets", and "Oracle on VMware".  You get six outstanding Oracle 11g references for only $69.95, a savings of over $60.00.

Get the Oracle 11g Pack
Six for $69.95 - A $140 value
Oracle Database 11g New Features  $34.95
Oracle 11g Reference Poster $8.95
Oracle Replication $27.95
Easy Oracle Automation $27.95
Oracle Silver Bullets $27.95
Oracle on VMware $34.95


Oracle Developer Pack

Oracle developers have special needs, and this six-pack is the perfect solution for getting proficient as an Oracle developer, fast.  This developer collection contains the landmark "Oracle10g Grid & RAC" book, plus specialized Oracle developer books on HTML-DB, Oracle PHP, Oracle PL/SQL programming and PL/SQL tuning.  Best of all, this great collection is a $138.00 dollar value for only $79.95.

Get the Oracle Developer Pack
Six for $79.95 - A $145.00 value
Easy Oracle Application Express (HTML-DB) $39.95
Oracle 10g Reference Poster $8.95
Oracle Backup & Recovery Scripts download $16.95
Oracle PHP: Create web pages with Oracle $27.95
Oracle PL/SQL Programming $16.95
Oracle PL/SQL Tuning $34.95


Easy Oracle Pack

Oracle is the most powerful, robust and complex database ever created, and beginners need a way to get started fast, bypassing the details, and focusing on the general concepts.  This 6-pack of Easy Oracle books is the perfect way to get started in Oracle, with powerful techniques made easy by professional Oracle instructors.  This great collection gets you started with SQL, PL/SQL programming, Oracle PHP, Oracle DBA concepts and the 10g advanced reference poster, all in one complete collection.  These are the top topics, authored by some of the world's most popular Oracle instructors.  Best of all, you get $107.00 worth of great books for only $59.95.

Get the Easy Oracle Pack
Six books for $59.95 - A $118.00 value
Easy Oracle Jumpstart $27.95
Easy Oracle PHP $27.95
Oracle DBA Made Simple (eBook) $19.95
Easy Oracle SQL $16.95
Oracle 10g DBA Reference Poster $8.95
Easy Oracle PL/SQL Programming $16.95

Oracle Reference Pack

No Oracle office is complete without these indispensable Oracle reference guides.  All Oracle professionals need a script collection and this set includes the Mike Ault collection of over 600 powerful scripts.  You also get two Oracle reference posters, Oracle data dictionary and Oracle Linux commands, plus "Oracle DBA made simple", a great get started guide.  Best of all you get $112.00 worth of books for only $59.95.

Get the Oracle Reference Pack
Six books for $59.95 - A $107.00 value

Oracle SQL Internals Handbook eBook $19.95
Oracle Growth & Capacity Planning Spreadsheets $9.95
Oracle Monitoring and Tuning Scripts download $49.95
Oracle 10g DBA Reference Poster $8.95
Oracle Linux command reference poster 3.95
Oracle DBA Made Simple eBook $19.95


Oracle Replication Half-Pack

With the advent of cheap disk and fast worldwide connectivity, many Oracle professionals recognize the benefits of distributing Oracle data. However, Oracle multi-master replication is extremely complex and time-consuming to implant. This half-pack addresses the complexity of Oracle replication by providing working code examples and illustration from working systems. 

Get the Oracle Replication Half-Pack
Three for $49.95 - An $83.00 value
Oracle Data Guard $27.95
Oracle Streams $27.95
Oracle Replication $27.95


Job Interview Pack

One critical task of the IT manager is hiring the right person for the job.  These valuable guides have been designed by experienced IT job hiring managers to help with quickly identifying the best candidates while weeding out those less suitable for the positions.  These guides include specific questions to be used to assess the skills and suitability of the IT job candidate.  This collection provides the tools needed to efficiently conduct interviews and hire ideal candidates in a variety of IT areas of expertise.

Get the Job Interview Six Pack
Six books for $59.95 - A $126.00 value
Conducting the Oracle Job Interview $29.95
Conducting the UNIX Job Interview $16.95
Conducting the Java Job Interview $27.95
Top Answers to Job Interview Questions $16.95
Conducting the Network Administrator Job Interview $16.95
Conducting the Web Master Job Interview $16.95






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