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The Rampant IT In-focus series is a unique publishing paradigm, targeted at IT professionals who need fast and accurate working examples of complex issues. Rampant IT In-focus books are unique because they have a super-tight focus and quickly provide the IT professional with what they need to solve their problems. 

Rampant IT In-focus books are designed for the practicing IT professional. These books are an affordable way for all IT professionals to get the information they need, and get it fast.

Facebook Unlocked
The Key to Developing Custom Applications

Timothy J. Stevens

Retail Price $27.95 /  £16.95

Definitive Reference

Lewis Cunningham

Retail Price $59.95 /  £44.95

High-Performance SQL Server Data Warehousing

Hassan A. Afyouni

Retail Price $27.95 /  £17.95



SQL Design Patterns
The Expert Guide to SQL Programming

Vadim Tropashko

Retail Price $49.95 /  £37.95


Super SQL Server Systems
Hypercharge Database Performance

Joseph Gama, P. J.

Retail Price $49.95 / £35.95

 High-Performance SQL Server DBA

Robin Schumacher

Retail Price $27.95 /  £17.95



You're Fired!: Firing Computer Professionals
The IT manager Guide for Terminating "With Cause"

Robert Papaj

Retail Price $16.95 /  £10.95 

 Easy Linux Commands:
Working Examples of Linux Command Syntax

Jon Emmons, Terry Clark

Retail Price $27.95 /  £17.95

Database Benchmarking:
Practical methods for

Oracle & SQL Server

Mr. Bert Scalzo, et al

Retail Price $39.95 /  £27.95


Web Stalkers: Protect yourself from Internet Criminals & Psychopaths

Stephen Andert & Don Burleson

Retail Price $27.95 /  £19.95  

 Linux Command Reference Poster: Linux Command Syntax Reference

Donald K. Burleson

Poster - $2.95

2011 New IT books    

SQL Server Tuning
The Definitive Reference

Steve Callan

SQL Server for the Oracle Professional

Steve Callan

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