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  At last. . .  .

Complex Oracle technology presented in Plain English. . .

Rampant TechPress is proud to introduce the Easy Oracle Series, a line of Oracle technical books that cut right to the heart of complex Oracle technology.

The Easy Oracle Series is specifically designed for students, busy IT professionals and managers that need to learn Oracle quickly. We skip the acronyms and confusion jargon, making the concepts and principles simple and clear.

Easy Oracle books are written by educators who know how to present complex topics in plain English and they include sophisticated scripts to remove the up-front learning curve and get you started fast.

Personal Oracle RAC Clusters

Edward Stoever

Retail Price $27.95 / £18.95

Easy Oracle Jumpstart:
Oracle Database
Management Concepts and Administration

Steve Karam, Robert Freeman 

Retail Price $27.95 / £17.95

Easy Oracle PL/SQL Programming: Get Started Fast with Working PL/SQL Code Examples

John Garmany

Retail Price $16.95 / £10.95



Easy Oracle Automation
Oracle10g Automatic Storage, Memory and Diagnostic Features

Dr. Arun Kumar R.

Retail Price $27.95 /  £17.95

Easy HTML-DB Oracle Application Express:
Create Dynamic HTML
with Apex

Michael Cunningham,
Kent Crotty

Retail Price $39.95 /  £29.95

Easy Oracle PHP: Create Dynamic Web Pages with Oracle Data

Mladen Gogala

Retail Price $27.95 / £18.95



Easy Linux Commands:
Working Examples of Linux Command Syntax

Jon Emmons, Terry Clark

Retail Price $27.95 / £19.95

Easy Oracle SQL: Get
Started Fast writing SQL Reports with SQL*Plus

John Garmany

Retail Price $16.95 / £10.95

Oracle Silver Bullets
Real-world Oracle performance Secrets

Donald K. Burleson

Retail Price $27.95 / £17.95


 Easy Oracle 6-Pack
Six hot Oracle easy references

$59.95 /  £49.95



Rampant also provides Oracle eBooks, Oracle eBook downloads, and customized Oracle e-book creation and downloads of Oracle e-books on Amazon.

The Oracle In-focus Team 
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