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               The Rampant Catalog

As of March 2008, Rampant TechPress has 95 publications, covering all areas of Information technology. 

  Job Interview Books   
Oracle Books          
Pedagogue Books
IT Books
Animal Books
Travel Books



  Job Interview Books

1.  Conducting the Oracle Job Interview
2.  Conducting the Java Job Interview
3.  Conducting the UNIX Job Interview
4.  Conducting the Programmer Job Interview
5.  Conducting the Network Administrator Job Interview
6.  Conducting the Web Master Job Interview
7.  Conducting the J2EE Job Interview
8.  Conducting the Web Designer Job Interview
9.  Top Answers to Job Interview Questions
10. Win Your Computer Dream Job
11. The Oracle Job Interview Handbook

       Oracle Books


1.  Oracle9i RAC
2.  Creating a Self-Tuning Oracle Database

3.  Oracle Performance Troubleshooting
4.  Oracle Utilities

5.  Mike Ault’s Oracle Internals Monitoring & Tuning Scripts
6.  Oracle Privacy Security Auditing

7.  Oracle Replication
8.  Oracle Database 10g New Features


  9.  Oracle 10g Grid & Real Application Clusters
10.  OCP Instructors Guide for Oracle DBA Certification
11.  Oracle Disk I/O Tuning
12.  Oracle SQL & Index Internals
13.  Oracle 10g Reference Poster

14.  Oracle Dataguard
15.  Oracle Streams
16.  Oracle Wait Event Tuning
17.  Easy Oracle Automation

18.  Oracle Linux Reference Poster


19.  Oracle Tuning
20.  Oracle Job Scheduling
21.  Oracle Solid-State Disk Tuning
22.  Easy Oracle Jumpstart
23.  Easy Oracle SQL
24.  Oracle Tuning Power Scripts
25.  Easy Linux Commands
26.  Oracle Silver Bullets

27.  Oracle RAC & Grid Tuning with Solid State Disk


28.  Easy Oracle PHP
29.  Easy Oracle HTML-DB
30.  Oracle RAC & Grid Tuning with Solid-state Disk
31.  Personal Oracle RAC Clusters
32.  Easy Oracle PL/SQL Programming

33.  Oracle PL/SQL Tuning
34.  Oracle Data Mining
35.  SQL Design Patterns


36.  Oracle Forensics
37.  Oracle Shell Scripting



38.  Oracle 11g RAC and Grid
39.  Advanced Oracle Utilities: The Definitive Reference
40.  Oracle on VMware




41.  Advanced Oracle SQL Programming
42.  11g New Features



43.  Linux for the Oracle DBA
44.  Oracle Tuning: The Definitive Reference Second Edition
45.  Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid Control

46.  Exploring Oracle Internals
47.  Migrating to Oracle
48.  Oracle Debugging
49.  Easy Oracle PL/SQL Programming
50.  Oracle Performance Troubleshooting
51.  Oracle Certified Linux Expert Exam Cram
52.  Facebook Unlocked
53.  Oracle Grid & Real Application Clusters


54.  Oracle Backup & Recovery


55.  Advanced Oracle DBMS Packages
56.  Advanced Oracle SQL Tuning
57.  Advanced Oracle Utilities Second Edition
58.  Easy Oracle PLSQL Second Edition
59.  Easy Oracle SQL Second Edition
60.  Oracle Performance Troubleshooting Second Edition
61.  Oracle Tuning: The Definitive Reference Third Edition
62.  Oracle Tuning Power Scripts Second Edition
63.  Windows for the Oracle DBA

64.  Advanced WebLogic Server Automation

    Oracle Downloads

  1. Advanced Oracle Monitoring and Tuning Scripts
  2. Oracle Internal v$ Scripts Online
  3. Oracle UNIX Scripts Online
  4. Oracle Backup & Recovery Scripts Online
  5. Oracle Documentation Scripts Online
  6. Oracle Tablespace Scripts Online
  7. Oracle Table Scripts Online
  8. Oracle Index Scripts Online
  9. Oracle Security Scripts Online
  10. Oracle SQL Tuning Scripts Online
  11. Oracle FormsPack
  12. WISE Standard Edition
  13. WISE Enterprise
  14. WISE Web
  15. WISE Professional
  16. WISE Analyzer

          Oracle eBooks

  1. Oracle Index Management Secrets
  2. OCP Instructors Guide for Oracle DBA Certification
  3. Oracle SQL Internals Handbook
  4. Oracle Space Management Handbook
  5. Advanced SQL Database Programmer Handbook
  6. Tuning Third-party Vendor Oracle Systems
  7. Oracle Data Warehouse Management
  8. Oracle DBA Made Simple
  9. Documenting Oracle Databases
  10. Using the Oracle oradebug Utility
  11. Using Oracle SQL Stored Outlines & Optimizer Plan Stability

             IT Books

  1. Web Stalkers
  2. You're Fired!
  3. Easy Linux Commands
  4. Linux Command Reference Poster
  5. Super SQL Server Systems
  6. High-Performance SQL Server DBA
  7. SQL Best Practices
  8. High-Performance SQL Server Data Warehousing
  9. Database Benchmarking: Practical methods for Oracle & SQL Server 2005

 Animal In-Focus Books

  1. Helping Hooves
  2. Cuddles the Guide Horse
  3. Horse 911
  4. Miniature Horses in the Neighborhood
  5. Dog 911
  6. Dr. O'Malley's Guide to Natural Dog Healing

 Pedagogue Books

  1. The Words of the Day
  2. PuzzleDuck Golf

 Travel Books

  1. Turks and Caicos Islands: Caribbean Insider Adventures
  2. Oahu Hawaii Insider Adventures
  3. South America Insider Adventures



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