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        The Equine In-Focus Series
  The Rampant Horse series is a unique collection of horse books aimed at readers of all ages. 

Packed with useful and informative information, Rampant Horse books provide invaluable information for equestrians at all levels.


  Helping Hooves
Training Miniature Horses as Guide Animals for the Blind

Janet Burleson

Retail Price $27.95 / £20.75


  Helping Hooves Poster
All Color - 16 x 24 inches

Janet Burleson

Retail Price FREE ($4.95 S&H) 


    Cuddles the Guide Horse

Janet Burleson

Retail Price $15.95 /  £9.95 


Spring 2005

  Horse 911
Dr. O'Malley's Veterinary Emergency Handbook

Dr. Amy O'Malley D.V.M.
Dr. Chris O'Malley D.V.M

Retail Price $27.95 / £19.95 

  Miniature Horses in the Neighborhood
The Miniature horse as a Suburban Pet

Janet Burleson

Retail Price $17.95 / £9.95


Fall 2005


  Dog 911
Keeping Your Dog Alive Until You Reach the Vet

Dr. Amy O'Malley D.V.M

Retail Price $26.95 /  £17.95 

  Dr. O’Malley’s Guide to Natural Dog Healing
The Holistic Approach to Modern Veterinary Care

Dr. Amy O'Malley D.V.M and Dr. Chris O'Malley D.V.M

Retail Price $26.95 /  £19.95 


    The All Mammal Guide to Health & Long Life
Mammal health insights from a renowned Veterinarian

Dr. xxxD.V.M

Retail Price $26.95 /  £19.95 



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