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  Oracle Index Management Secrets
Top Oracle Experts Discuss Index Management Techniques

Donald Burleson, Mike Hordila, John Weeg, Daniel Liu, Lisa Fernandez, Jonathan Lewis

46 Pages

Retail Price $14.95 / £10.95 

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Only $9.95


Written by the world's most widely-read Oracle authors, this eBook utilizes their substantial knowledge of Oracle indexing in this concise eBook. With combined experience of over a century, the one of the world's most widely respected authors share their secrets for using Oracle indexes to turbocharge Oracle SQL execution speed.

Not for beginners, this is an advanced guide for the senior Oracle DBA and dives far into the internal mechanisms of Oracle indexing. You will learn from the world's most widely-read Oracle experts how to monitor and optimize Oracle index structures, automate index rebuilding and the understand the internal structures of Oracle indexes.

Key Features

* Learn to monitor index usage.

* Understand Oracle index internal structures.

* Explore bitmap indexes.

* Automate index rebuilds.

* Understand multi level index partitioning.

* Learn why database blocksize is critical for Oracle indexes.

* Explore Oracle index tree structures.


About the Authors:

This eBook is authored by some of the world's leading Oracle experts.  Donald Burleson is the author of over 30 book, Jonathan Lewis is one of the world most respected Oracle internals experts, Mike Hordila is a noted Oracle consulting expert, Daniel Liu is a senior Oracle DBA and internals expert, John Weeg is a respected Oracle guru, and Lisa Fernandez is a recognized indexing expert.

Table of Contents:


Automated Table/Index Reorganization In Oracle8i

When Reorganizing, How Many Extents to Use?
Possible Reorganizing Strategies
Assumptions and Experimental Figures
Some Procedures Related to Table Reorganization
Important Issues Regarding Table/Index Moving/Rebuilding
The Behavior of the “Alter Table/Index Move/Rebuild” Commands
Limitations of the “ALTER TABLE MOVE” Command
Manual Object Reorganization
Step 1
Step 2

Automated Object Reorganization

Associated Tables
Overview of the Package
About the Author

Locally Managed Indexes

Rebuild in the Same Tablespace
No Fragment
81 to the Rescue
More Than One
What Goes Where
Break Points
About the Author

Monitoring Index Usage in Oracle9i

Identifying Unused Indexes
Identifying All Unused Indexes in a Database


Oracle Blocksize and Index Tree Structures

Partitioning in Oracle9i, Release 2 — Part 1

Partitioning Defined
When to Partition
Different Methods of Partitioning
Partitioning Tables
Range Partitioning
Hash Partitioning
List Partitioning
Composite Range-Hash Partitioning
Composite Range-List Partitioning

Partitioning in Oracle9i, Release 2 — Part 2

Globally Partitioned Indexes
Locally Partitioned Indexes
When to Use Which Partitioning Method
Real-life Example

Understanding Bitmap Indexes

Everybody Knows …
What Is a Bitmap Index?
Do Bitmaps Lock Tables?
Consequences of Bitmap Locks
Problems with Bitmaps
Low Cardinality Columns






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