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  Advanced SQL Database Programmer Handbook

Donald K. Burleson, Joe Celko, John Paul Cook, Peter Gulutzan


ISBN: 0-9744355-2-X

Retail Price $14.95
/  £10.95 

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Only $9.95


Written by the world's most widely-read SQL programmers, this eBook utilizes the substantial knowledge SQL database programming in this concise eBook. With combined experience of over a century, the one of the world's most widely respected SQL experts share their secrets for programming with SQL. This is an advanced eBook that explores how to program with the SQL language. The topics include using advanced SQL constructs and how to write programs that utilize complex SQL queries. Not for the beginner, this eBook explore complex time-based SQL queries, managing set operations in SQL, and relational algebra with SQL. This is an indispensable handbook for any developer who is challenged with writing complex SQL inside applications.

Key Features

* Explains the process of solving complex data extraction with SQL.

* Explore SQL Tuning techniques.

* Understand SQL Injection security threats.

* Prevent SQL worms.

* Transform SQL Views into source SQL.

* Perform relational division in SQL.

* Perform SQL set operations.

* Learn about SQL and Calculated Columns.

* Learn to create complex SQL statements.

* Create time-based SQL queries.

* Understand sequential processing with SQL.

* Use SQL with Keyword Searches.

* Use SQL with Web Databases.


About the Authors:

This eBook is authored by some of the world's leading SQL experts.

Don Burleson

Don Burleson is one of the world’s top Oracle Database experts with more than 20 years of full-time DBA experience.  He specializes in creating database architectures for very large online databases and he has worked with some of the world’s most powerful and complex systems.   A former Adjunct Professor, Don Burleson has written 14 books, published more than 100 articles in National Magazines, and serves as Editor-in-Chief of Oracle Internals. Don is a popular lecturer and teacher and is a frequent speaker at Oracle Openworld and other international database conferences.

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Joe Celko

  Joe Celko was a member of the ANSI X3H2 Database Standards Committee and helped write the SQL-92 standards. He is the author of over 450 magazine columns and four books, the best known of which is SQL for Smarties (Morgan-Kaufmann Publishers, 1999). He is the Vice President of RDBMS at North Face Learning in Salt Lake City.

Peter Gulutzan

  Peter Gulutzan is co-author of SQL-99 Complete Really (CMP Books 1999) and SQL Performance Tuning, which Addison-Wesley will publish in September 2002.

John Paul Cook

  John Paul Cook is a database and .NET consultant based in Houston, Texas. He also teaches Microsoft and Oracle database courses and is an MCSE, an MCDBA, an MCSD, and a certified Oracle DBA.


Table of Contents:









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