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  Oracle DBA Made Simple
Oracle database administration techniques

Mike Ault
ISBN: 0-9740716-5-X
201 Pages


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Written by one the world's most widely-read Oracle script developers and author of 14 best-selling Oracle books, Mike Ault targets his substantial knowledge of Oracle tuning in this concise eBook. With decades of experience using Oracle, Mike Ault shares secrets for Oracle database management and DBA techniques.

Key Features

* Learn System Planning.

* Employ Backup & recovery.

* Understand Oracle RDBMS Architecture.

* See Layout & Fragmentation.


About the Author:

Mike Ault

Mike Ault has five Oracle Masters Certificates.  Ault was the first popular Oracle author with his book "Oracle7 Administration and Management" and he also wrote several of the "Exam Cram" books.


Table of Contents:


System Planning

 Resource and Capacity Planning
 Resource Specification for Oracle
 Optimal Flexible Architecture (OFA)
 Minimum OFA Configuration
 Oracle Structures and How They Affect Installation
 Data Files
 Redo Logs
 Control Files
 Archive Logs
 LOB Storage
 BFILE Storage
 Disk Striping, Shadowing, RAID, and Other Topics
 Disk Striping
 Disk Shadowing or Mirroring
 RAID—Redundant Arrays of Inexpensive Disks
 New Technologies
 Optical Disk Systems
 Tape Systems
 RAM Drives (Random Access Memory)

 Backup & recovery

 Cold Backups
 Hot Backups
 Example Documentation Procedure for NT Online Backup and Recovery Scripts
 Limitations on export/import:
 Archive Logs
 Backup Methodologies
 NT or UNIX System Backup
 Archive Logging
 Recovery Types
 Oracle Enterprise Backup Utility
 The following example shows how to get on-line help:
 The DBMS_REPAIR Utility
 DBMS_REPAIR Enumeration Types
 DBMS_REPAIR Exceptions
 DBMS_REPAIR Procedures

 Oracle RDBMS Architecture

 Background Processes
 Rollback Segments
 Redo log files
 Control files
 Initialization File
 The Undocumented Initialization Parameters (“_”)
 The Initialization File Event Settings
 System Global Area
 Modifying the INIT.ORA
 Allocating And Caching Memory
 Use of the Default Pool
 Use of The KEEP Pool
 Use of the RECYCLE Pool
 Tuning the Three Pools
 Shared Pool
 Putting it All In Perspective
 What to Pin
 The Shared Pool and MTS
 Large Pool Sizing
 A Matter Of Hashing
 Disk IO and the Shared Pool
 Monitoring Library and Data Dictionary Caches


 Managing the Database
Find USER locking others/Kill problem USER
 Methods of Murder
 Killing From the Oracle Side
 Killing From the Operating System Side
 Creating and starting the database
 Database Creation
 Re-creation of a Database
 Database Startup and Shutdown
 Tuning Responsibilities
 Step : Tune the Business Rules
 Step : Tune the Data Design
 Step : Tune the Application Design
 Step : Tune the Logical Structure of the Database
 Step : Tune Database Operations
 Step : Tune the Access Paths
 Step : Tune Memory Allocation
 Step : Tune Resource Contention
 Step : Tune the Underlying Platform(s)
 Layout & Fragmentation
Tablespace Segments & Free Space
 Tables & Indexes/Partitioning
 The V$ views
 How are they used?
 The Optimizers & the Analyze Command
 The Parallel Query Option
 Parallel query settings
 Problems In Parallel Query Usage


 Altering Users
 Dropping Users
 System Privileges
 Object Privileges
 Column Privileges
 View Grants
 Other Grants
 Revoking Grants
 Use Of Roles
 Creating Roles
 Setting Roles
 Special Roles
 Export/Import Roles
 Profiles and Resource Limits
 Altering Profiles
 Profiles and Passwords
 Managing CPU Utilization for in Oracle
 Creating a Resource Plan
 Restricting Access by Rows in Oracle
 Policy Usage
 DBMS_RLS Package







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