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  Oracle Internals v$ Scripts
Working SQL scripts from the one of the world's most widely respected DBA

Mike Ault - 3,500 lines of working Oracle v$ scripts!

Retail Price $27.95 /  £17.95 


            Get the Whole Collection!

Written by one the world's most widely-read Oracle script developers and author of over 20 best-selling Oracle books, Mike Ault targets his substantial knowledge of Oracle data dictionary scripts in this concise download.  With decades of experience using Oracle v$ views and Oracle data dictionary tables, Mike Ault shares secrets for navigating the Oracle data dictionary.

This fantastic download allows you to quickly find sample Oracle scripts for all Oracle internal v$ views using v$bh, v$parameter, v$database, v$waitstat, v$sysstat, v$rowcache, v$lock, v$session, v$sgastat, v$buffer_pool_statistics, v$logmnr_logs, v$statname,  v$sesstat, v$circuit, v$shared_server, v$librarycache, v$locked_object, v$access, v$sqltext, v$sqlarea, v$log_history, v$pq_sysstat, v$dispatcher, v$queue, v$rollname, v$rollstat, v$bgprocess, v$process, v$latchname, v$latch, v$instance, v$sga, v$sort_usage, v$datafile and v$filestat.

Script examples cover all important Oracle DBA data dictionary views including dba_blockers, dba_lock, dba_extents, dba_objects, dba_constraints, dba_cons_columns, dba_running_stats, dba_rollback_segs, dba_tab_privs, dba_ddl_locks, dba_sequences, dba_jobs, dba_utilities, dba_temp, and dba_waiters.

Caution - These are extremely powerful Oracle data dictionary scripts.  They should only be used by a certified Oracle DBA, and after a careful review of the Oracle data dictionary script functionality.  These Oracle scripts are not for beginners and knowledge of the Oracle data dictionary is required to fully utilize these scripts.  USE AT YOUR OWN RISK.

Key Features:

  • Provides scripts for SGA usage including v$bh, v$pgastat, v$sql_plan, v$datafile and v$locked_object.

  • Oracle scripts for process details from v$waitstat, v$sysstat, v$session, v$sgastat, v$sesstat, v$locked_object, v$access, v$sqltext, v$sqlarea and v$process.

  • Oracle scripts for locks and latches using v$database, v$waitstat, v$sysstat, v$rowcache, v$lock, v$buffer_pool_statistics, v$statname,  v$sesstat, v$circuit, v$locked_object, v$access, v$sqltext, v$sqlarea, v$pq_sysstat and v$latch.

  • Oracle multithreaded server MTS scripts using v$circuit, v$shared_server, v$dispatcher, v$queue, and v$process.

  • Scripts for session detail using v$session, dba_lock, v$locked_object, dba_ddl_locks  and dba_blockers.

  • Dictionary relationships revealed with dba_tables, dba_indexes, dba snapshots, dba_clusters, dba_db_links and dba_sequences.


About the Author:

Mike Ault

Mike Ault has five Oracle Masters Certificates.  Ault was the first popular Oracle author with his book "Oracle7 Administration and Management" and he also wrote several of the "Exam Cram" books.




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