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Privacy Policy



  Consumer Web Safety Handbook
Maintaining your anonymity and security on the web

Adam Haeder, AIM Institute

ISBN xxx
Library of Congress Number: xxx
160 pages - Perfect binding - 9x7 inch trim
Shelving: Current Affairs, Adult Non-Fiction  911 Series #xxx

Retail Price $16.95 /  £10.95 

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Only $9.95


This book is the accumulated knowledge of a web security expert with the Applied Information Management Institute in Omaha Nebraska.

This indispensable guide will help everyone understand the threats from criminals, understand their techniques. Best of all, you learn how to prevent unwanted intrusion into your privacy and get the full cooperation of Federal, state and local law enforcement.

Packed with white-hat hacker techniques, this book will expose the secrets of the web hackers and show you how to protect your finances and civil rights.


Key Features

* Shows many relevant state and federal cyber crime laws.

* Assists the IT manager in choosing the best-qualified Network Administrator professionals.

* Exposes the exact techniques used by web criminals to steal your private information.

* Provides critical checklists for protecting your PC from spyware, and malicious programs.

* Tells you how to document and report criminal web activity.

* Provides detailed instructions for filing civil damage charges and lawsuits.


About the Author:

        Adam Haeder is one of the nation's foremost experts in Network Administration and Linux technology. A respected instructor and brilliant author, Adam is a Vice President at the prestigious Applied Information Management Institute in Omaha, Nebraska. Expert in Intel hardware and Network Administrator internals, Adam possesses the rare combination of management and technical expertise that is critical to the outstanding IT consultant. Adam is a Linux Certified Administrator(LCA), a Cisco Certified Networking Associate (CCNA) and a Cisco Certified Academic Instructor (CCAI).

Table of Contents:

Chapter 1 - Introduction to Web Privacy
Tough new Federal laws
Copyright and trademark theft
Web hijacking and conversion
anti-SLAPP laws
Chapter 2 - How hackers steal from you
man-in-the-middle attacks
IP spoofing
Password cracking
Exploiting your weaknesses

Chapter 3 - Identity theft
Techniques for identity theft
How to tell when you are a victim
Minimizing the threat

Chapter 4 - Web stalkers
Techniques of web stalkers
Dealing with un-wanted harassment
Libel and defamation on the web
Minimizing the threat

Chapter 5 - Web provider Responsibility
Responsibilities of forum and message board hosts and moderators
Responsibilities of Internet Service Provides and Web Presence Providers
Responsibilities of web hosting companies
Chapter 6 - Catching the crooks
Documenting criminal activity
Criminal Cyber crimes
Getting a restraining order
Beyond a reasonable doubt vs. a preponderance of the evidence
Working with the FBI
Obtaining cooperation from Web Presence Providers and ISP's
Chapter 7 - Civil Issues

Libel and defamation
tortuous interference
Copyright and trademark theft
Conspiracy to deprive Civil Rights
False light
invasion of privacy
Unlawful intrusion

Chapter 8 - Filing a Civil Lawsuit

Statutes of limitations
Collecting evidence
finding the right attorney
Filing civil lawsuits




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