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Hawaii Insider Adventures

ISBN: xxx    Library of Congress Number: xxx
192 pages - 7.4 x 4.3 Publication Date: TBD
Shelving:  Travel/Reference Insider Adventures Series # 2

Retail Price $16.95 /  £9.95 

Key Features   About the Authors
Table of Contents   Errata
Reader Comments    

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Only $9.95



This book is an indispensable guide to the "Real" Oahu, far away from the malls, casinos and resorts.  This book is designed to provide the adventurous traveler with new, exciting and safe travel options to the crown jewel of the Hawaiian Islands.

This book does not focus on the main tourist spots in Oahu but instead focuses on those areas of the Islands that are relatively unspoiled by the tourist industry, yet still accessible by the adventuresome tourist. If you are looking for a book that describes the luxury resorts and shopping malls, this is not the book for you.

On the other hand, this is not a camping book. All destinations in this book have clean, safe hotels, fantastic restaurants and friendly natives. What you won’t find are fast-food chains, strip-malls and the schmaltz that is found in most major Oahu tourist areas.

The areas we describe in this book are developed enough to be comfortable (air conditioning, cell phones, Internet and Television), yet undeveloped enough to retain their original charm. Americans find themselves with more disposable income and the nearby Oahu beckons, offering cheap airfares, a warm climate and great water sports.


Key Features

* Find the best-value getaways, insider secrets and hidden treasures of Oahu.

* Get away from the schmaltz and glitter of the major tourist destinations.

* Learn the history, culture and customs of Oahu.

* See tips for the local Oahu favorite hideaways, restaurants and!



About the Author:

Table of Contents:










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