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  Cuddles The Guide Horse

Janet Burleson

ISBN 0-9744486-1-3            Library of Congress Number: xx
ISBN 13: 978-0974448619
24 pages                            Publication Date - TBD
Hardcover - 9x9                   Shelving: Children/Pre-School

Retail Price $15.95 /  £9.95 

- Get 40% off the retail price!

Only $9.95


Read the heart warming story of Cuddles the miniature pony who was too small to do so many regular pony jobs and yet was just the right size for the most important job a pony could ever perform. Learn how this special little pony came to be the guiding partner for a young blind girl. Read about the remarkable bond between girl and horse as they find that together they can help each other live a rich and exciting life.

You don't want to miss this compelling story filled with humor and drama, of Cuddles the Guide Horse which is based on the true story of the tiny horses currently being used as guides for the blind. The remarkable creativity and innovation of using miniature horses for guiding the blind has captured the hearts and minds of people everywhere and has been featured in TIME, Newsweek, The Wall Street Journal, 20/20 and People Magazine.

Key Features

* Helps children understand the challenges faced by blind people.

* Illustrates the way a guide animal works for a blind handler.

* Teaches your child that everyone is special in their own way with unique talents and abilities.


About the Author:

Janet Burleson

Janet Burleson has a BS degree in Computer Science and has been a Webmaster for many years working with the web since its early inception.  As an expert Webmaster consultant she provides high level web consulting services that improve the market status of Fortune 500 companies including web search rank positioning, keyword optimization, web content optimization, web community relationships, web site design, web usage tracking and web site configuration. 

Janet Burleson is also one of the world's pioneering horse trainers, having developed a hugely successful Guide Horse Foundation to train miniature horses to guide the blind.

Janet Burleson Books.




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