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  Consumer Credit & Collections Handbook
Expert tips and secrets for getting paid-in-full, fast!

911 Series

Pete Szabo

ISBN xxx
Library of Congress Number: xxx
240 Pages
Publication Date - TBD
Retail Price $16.95
/  £10.95 

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More than ever before, honest businesses become the victims of non-payment. This is more than an inconvenience; it can put you out-of-business and damage your personal and corporate reputation. Now you can fight back and collect your overdue receivables using proven collection secrets.

"Pistol Pete" Szabo is legendary in the collections industry with one of the highest rates of collection anywhere. As one of the toughest no-nonsense collectors in America, Szabo shows you all of the legal methods to get your money fast. With the rare combination of Private Eye, Psychology and legal expertise, Szabo shows you all of the hidden tricks used by successful collection agencies to gat paid fast, and without loosing customer Goodwill.

Don't be the victim of dishonorable customers. Fight back and get paid in full!


Key Features

* Learn real-word strategies to reduce your overdue receivables.

* Understand how to apply liens and report bad credit.

* See how the power of shame can improve collections.

* The online document depot has ready-to-send past-due notices, collection letters and legal templates.

* See the unobtrusive secrets for finding your creditors.

* Understand how to negotiate with past-due customer and get paid without loosing future business.

* Understand the importance of telephone contact and how to be an authoritative collector.

* Learn how to domesticate foreign court judgments to ensure that you get paid in full.


About the Author:

Pete Szabo

Pete Szabo

Peter Szabo is a legend in the professional collections industry.  As President of Szabo Associates, Inc., Szabo has extensive finance and securities experience and has been active in numerous creditor plans, significant media litigation, and bankruptcy cases.

Szabo is a co-author of numerous collections books including "Understanding Broadcast and Cable Finance", "Broadcast Credit Administration Manual", "Radio Credit Manual", "Off the books and Into the Bank", "Out of the Red and Into the Black" and " The Small Market Television Manager's Guide - II". His "Szabo Collective Wisdom" newsletter sets the standard for collection articles and tips and has thousands of subscribers.

Szabo has served on the Board of Directors of the Broadcast Cable Financial Management Association from 1988 to 1991 and was the recipient of the "President's Award" in 1989; the "Headliner Award" in 1991; the "Jack Zwaska Career Achievement Award" in 2001; and an Appreciation Award from the Broadcast Cable Credit Association in 1991.

As a recognized authority on collections, Szabo was selected as a lecture for numerous conferences including NAB, RAB, BCFM, BCCA., numerous state associations and broadcast groups and the prestigious Commercial Law League of America.


Table of Contents:

Reducing your rates of past-due receivables

They can run, but they cannot hide

Effective letters

When to telephone

Applying pressure

Going to court

Collecting the judgment

Errata and Enhancements




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