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ISBN 10: 
ISBN 13:
Library of Congress Number: xxx
120 pages
Perfect Bind- 6.8x4.2x0.5 inches
Publication Date: 1011
Shelving:  xxx Oracle In-Focus Series #xx

  Linux Command Reference for the Oracle DBA

Jon Emmons

Retail Price $14.95 /  £9.95

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Key Features About the Author Reader Comments
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Key Features

• Portable reference

• Fits in your pocket/purse

• Targeted at Linux users

• Learn expert system administration techniques.

• Learn how to monitor and manage your files, processes and memory efficiently.

• Organize your servers to minimize maintenance.

• Customize your Linux environment.

• Automate complex tasks with shell scripts.



About the Author:

Jon Emmons

  Jon Emmons is an Oracle ACE with many years of full-time experience running Oracle in a UNIX environment. His Oracle experience is reinforced by his many years as a UNIX system administrator. Jon has published extensively about Oracle on his website which continues to receive acclaim from the Oracle community.

Jon's work experience includes both industry and education. In addition to his technical abilities Jon has also been called upon to teach a college course in database management systems. 
Technical Editor:    
Mike Bennett    

 Table of Contents:

Chapter 1 - Introduction to Linux

 A short history
Getting around the command line 
Setting up and customizing your environment   
An introduction to shell scripting  
Graphical Interfaces

Chapter 2 - Setting up and managing
your system

 Starting up, shutting down and runlevels
User and Group Management  
Memory and system settings 
File systems (incl. NFS) 
File management   
Process management  
Startup and shutdown tasks  
Service management  
Scheduling with cron and at  
Moving and managing things between servers


Chapter 3 - The Oracle/Linux connection

 Organizing Oracle files 
Managing Oracle Processes 
The Oracle scheduler(s)
Configuring and Using Oracle Enterprise Manager
Performance Tuning and Monitoring
Oracle Application Server

Chapter 4 - Shell scripting

 Scripting Basics 
Checking results  
Output and notification


Reader Comments:



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