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Library of Congress Number: 2010927533
200 pages
Perfect bind - 9x7
PD 0911
Shelving: Databases/Oracle Easy Oracle Series
# 8

  Easy Oracle PL/SQL Programming
Get Started Fast with Working PL/SQL Code Examples
Second Edition

John Garmany      

Retail Price $27.95 USD /  £18.95 / $30.95 Canadian

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Key Features   About the Authors Table of Contents
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This second edition, authored by distinguished Oracle veteran, John Garmany, is an indispensable guide for any Oracle professional who must quickly implement Oracle reporting.   John's decades of SQL*Plus experience come to bear in this indispensible book.  New tips and tricks have been included in this cutting edge edition.

In this text, John Garmany leverages his ability to explain complex issues in plain English into a one-of-a-kind book for PL/SQL beginners.  This book is intended for anyone who needs to extract Oracle data and format reports.  John reveals even more secrets for quickly and easily producing stunning reports from Oracle.

This second edition of Easy Oracle PL/SQL provides the reader with the tools needed to create, debug and execute PL/SQL code. The example driven methodology will have users coding basic PL/SQL blocks by the end of the first chapter. Each chapter builds on previous concepts, introducing increasingly more complex PL/SQL coding, while always focusing on readability and manageability.

Each concept is introduced using multiple examples and each chapter has exercises to test knowledge. With Easy Oracle PL/SQL, the incredible power to use the Oracle Database in harmony with your application will be at your fingertips.   


Key Features

* Learn PL/SQL basics, anonymous blocks, stored procedures and functions.

* Implement Best Practices to make your code readable and maintainable.

* Understand PL/SQL variable including user defined and abstract datatypes.

* Learn PL/SQL language structures including if/then/else and loops.

* Become skilled at handling exceptions.

* Learn to effectively use Cursors and Ref Cursors.

* Begin working with Collections, Arrays, and PL/SQL Tables.

* Improve performance with Bulk Collects and Loads.

* See the power of packages including creating and using packages.

* Call PL/SQL procedures and functions from applications.

* Run PL/SQL from a script or database job.

* Learn how to use triggers to react to database events.

About the Author:

John Garmany


John Garmany has been working as an Oracle DBA since 2002.

Table of Contents:

Index Topics:






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