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ISBN 10: 
ISBN 13:
Library of Congress Number: 2012933236
300 pages
Perfect bind - 9x7
Publication Date:0212
Shelving: Golf  
  Puzzle Duck Golf
Migrate to a more efficient golf game

Brad Clayton, PGA Master

Retail Price $29.95 /  £19.95

Key Features   About the Author Reader Comments
Table of Contents   Errata Testimonials


Is golf REALLY that hard?

Author and PGA Master Teaching Professional, Brad Clayton shows that golf really doesn’t have to be that  difficult/demonic/hard/miserable/frustrating.

This book's approach on how to play your best golf, consistently, is unique. 

Creating a sound functional swing relative to your physical ability is necessary to controlling your ball and playing consistent golf, but there is more.   The other part of this book is about playing the game, club selection, and thought processes.  It will help streamline the readers' efforts to scoring better.  

Golfers encounter many obstacles along the path to their best possible game.  Some of the hazards are on the course, and some of them are in the players' minds.  There are obstacles from the strategy in your mind as well as those from the strategy of the course architect.  This book will help players of all levels maneuver these obstacles in a common sense/matter of fact way. 

Most people play golf for one or more of these reasons; fun, health, social (personal or business), or competition.   Readers may be amazed to learn just how their score, enjoyment/fulfillment, and ultimately the impression they leave on their friends, family, and peers are all inter-related and are affected by the state of the other(s).

With this book, players will not only know more about how to play better golf, but hopefully will also have a different outlook on the bigger picture.

There is no magic dust or pill, but golf really doesn’t have to be that hard!


YOU can play
consistently good
golf and have an
enjoyable time
getting there!

Key Features

* Reaching your full potential as a player while dropping strokes from your score

* Learn to hit consistent and straight golf shots through a combination of instruction and practice

* Learn to use every practice swing as a tool to get you closer to your ultimate goal of achieving your best possible round of golf

* Learn that "balance" is about more than your body and use that knowledge throughout your game and your life


About the Author:

Brad Clayton is a PGA Master Teaching Professional with a growing reputation as one of the world's most dedicated golf instructors.  Today, golfers from around the world travel to North Carolina to learn Brad's unique method for improving their swing and lowering their golf scores.  Brad's accomplishments include being honored as the recipient of the PGA's prestigious Palmer Maples Teacher of the Year award for 2008 and as the 2008 Carolinas Section PGA Teacher of the Year.  He has been recognized as a PGA of America Master Teaching Professional, and Golf Digest ranked Brad among North Carolina's top eight golf instructors

With a lifelong dedication to golf instruction, Brad has developed a proven approach, attracting students from the USA and Europe.  Brad developed his unique teaching techniques with influences from some of the golf's legendary professionals, including but certainly not limited to David Leadbetter, Al Nelson, Wimpy Caldwell, Ed Ibarguen, Volker Knornsheld, Bill Lytton, Bill Strausbaugh, and Dick Tiddy.

Brad lives in Oxford, North Carolina where he manages "The Golf Zone", a respected golf school.


Table of Contents:

CHAPTER 1 - Brief Introduction of Me

CHAPTER 2 - Explanation of Title

CHAPTER 3 - How To Get The Most Out Of This Book

CHAPTER 4 - Evaluating, Preparing, Committing, Pre Shot Routine

CHAPTER 5 - My Model Set Up

CHAPTER 6 - The Full Swing

CHAPTER 7 - Reading Ball Flight

CHAPTER 8 - Putting

CHAPTER 9 - Chipitching – Chiping and Pitching

CHAPTER 10 - Sand Bunkers – Greenside and Fairway

CHAPTER 11 - Teaching Kids

CHAPTER 12 - The Word “Balance”

CHAPTER 13 - Tracking Your Game


CHAPTER 14 - How To Practice

CHAPTER 15 - Games To Play To Improve Your Game

CHAPTER 16 - Drills And What They Help

CHAPTER 17 - How To Take It To The Course

CHAPTER 18 - Strategy And Hw To Manage A Hole

CHAPTER 19 - Shots You Need But Don’t Practice

CHAPTER 20 - If You Do This___Then Try This___

CHAPTER 21 - How To Dress For Inclement Weather

CHAPTER 22 - Use Your Dominant Side

CHAPTER 23 - Where Should You Play From?

CHAPTER 24 - Little Things That Make A Difference

CHAPTER 25 - Some Of My Stories



Testimonials on Brad Clayton instruction:

  • Brad Clayton named 2008 Palmer Maples Teacher of the Year

  • “Brad Clayton has truly made me the player I am today.  His knowledge of the golf swing is incredible as well as his ability to teach the swing in a simplified manner.  I feel confident in saying that Brad Clayton is definitely one of the best teachers in the country.” - (Scholarship Player, North Carolina State University)

  • “Brad Clayton is one of the most natural teachers I have gotten to watch on any golf subject. It was pleasure and a learning experience for me.” – Dr. Dan Johnson

  • “Golf Digest would be well advised to rank Bradley Clayton as one of the better teachers in golf instruction. I have had many lessons from club professionals and PGA Teaching Professionals and I highly endorse Brad for his professionalism” – Kevin xxx

  • “Brad has put the enjoyment back into my game and he can do the same for you. Im playing with more confidence and a better attitude and it is showing in my scores.” – Michael xxx

  • “I have taken many lessons from other highly regarded PGA professionals and I can attest that Brad can spot the problems better than others and he knows the drills and methods to help you get a flaw corrected.” – Rich xxx

  • "I was barely breaking 100 when I first came to Brad Clayton. He has helped me tremendously and I am now breaking 80!" - xxx
  • "Brad Clayton is an inspiration, and as a fellow PGA Member, I thank him for what he has done. Guys like Brad Clayton make the PGA look good."  - Jon xxx
  • "I AM EXCITED! Have been practicing and could already tell a difference at the course. Can't wait to learn more!" - Susan xxx
  • "I have played the best golf of my life after working with Brad Clayton, so you can guess how I feel about his ability to teach. I shot a 69!" - Dave xxx




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