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Library of Congress Number: xxx
350 pages Perfect Bind 9x6 Publication Date:
Shelving: Databases/Oracle Oracle In-Focus Series # xx
  Oracle and AJAX
The Handbook for Dynamic Web Development

Steve Karam, OCM, Chad Gray       
Retail Price $49.95 /  £34.95 

Technical Editor:
Ben Prusinski
Key Features   About the Author Reader Comments
Table of Contents   Errata  

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This unique book will show how to use emerging Asynchronous Javascript and XML (AJAX) technology to make web applications lightning fast for your users. We will examine the use of AJAX in submitting forms and retrieving data, both as single fields and even in complex reports.

The Internet has always operated on a click-refresh-click basis, but those days are now in the past. With AJAX, we can dynamically select, insert, and update our database without refreshing a single page. This allows seamless applications for your end user that are robust and very user friendly, not to mention lightning fast.

There are a few AJAX books currently on the market, but none that deal specifically with using AJAX powered code against an Oracle database. PHP, Java, Ruby on Rails, and Application Express can all be grouped with AJAX to provide exciting functionality against and Oracle database, yet no books on the market go over all the possibilities.

In addition, this book will show how to use AJAX and Oracle to make a full monitoring suite; the example the book uses will be a DBA Monitor in order to both teach AJAX and provide a unique application of it that will be good for developers and DBAs.

Lastly, this book is being written by an author with a unique perspective. As a developer, DBA, instructor, and public speaker the book is going to have all possible angles for effectiveness which many books lack.


            Go Dynamic!

         Create interactive
          web applications
             with Oracle

Key Features

* Populate multiple page components from tables without a refresh

* Create dynamic web reports with AJAX and DHTML

* Use AJAX for super-friendly graphical user interfaces

* Use Type Ahead functionality to ease data entry

* Use AJAX for monitoring pages with notifications and alerts


About the Authors:

Steve Karam


Steve Karam is one of the few DBAs worldwide to achieve both the Oracle 10g Certified Master certification and the Oracle ACE designation, both of which he received before the age of 26.  As both a production DBA and an instructor, he has a proven track record in performance and troubleshooting on dozens of high profile Oracle systems including complex RAC environments. 

Additionally, Steve has been developing against Oracle databases for over twelve years on a variety of platforms including C, C++, Java, PHP, and Application Express.
Steve is also involved heavily in the Oracle community as the President of the Hampton Roads Oracle Users Group, Web Chair for the IOUG RAC SIG, and judge for the yearly Oracle Academy educational competition.


Chad Gray

Table of Contents:

Chapter 1 - Introduction
Chapter 2 - The Average Website
Chapter 3 - Going Asynchronous
Chapter 4 - AJAX and Oracle
Chapter 5 - Using materialized views
Chapter 6 - PHP
Chapter 7 - Ruby on Rails
Chapter 8 - Advanced Uses
Chapter 9 - The New Website
Chapter 10 - Troubleshooting


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