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  High Performance SQL Server Data Warehousing
Expert Data Warehouse Design and Development

Hassan A. Afyouni

Retail Price $27.95 /  £17.95
Key Features   About the Author
Table of Contents   Errata
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Only $19.95


Library of Congress Number: xxx
290 pages
Perfect Bind 9x7
PD 09
Shelving: Databases/SQL Server IT In-Focus Series # xx

Managers are in constant struggle to make the right decision. One of the tools that managers depend on is timely and accurate reports provided by an efficient and well designed data warehouse application. This book is a comprehensive and concise guide to designing and building data warehouse applications using the newly introduced Microsoft product SQL Server 2008.

This book provides the reader techniques and tips on how to implement SQL Server 2008 efficiently and exploits its features to produce high performance and intelligent business applications. The book presents in details all phases of data warehouse development cycle showing the reader step by step examples for each phase. This book guides the reader on how to extract, transform and load data through the use of SQL and Transact-SQL and demonstrates all related data warehouse features of SQL Server 2008.

This book is the first of it's kind for managing very large databases in SQL Server 2008.  This is the first book dedicated to managing large volumes of data using SQL Server 2008. Using real-world techniques from a practicing SQL Server DBA, this book show how to leverage SQL Server’s data management features for very large databases.

This is a comprehensive book showing all phases of data warehouse design and implementation with SQL Server, from preliminary analysis to the working data warehouse. Showing never before published secrets, Sam Afyouni guides you through the use of TSQL for SQL Server Extract, transformation and load (ETL) processing.

The book also shows tools and techniques for SQL Server optimization for the data warehouse including clickstreams, data replication and OLAP services. This comprehensive handbook is a indispensable aid to building successful SQL Server database systems.

Microsoft SQL Server 2008 is a new version introduced recently to the database market. Microsoft is expecting this version to claim more market share than ever especially with the new features that have hooks to the Microsoft dot net and other development platforms. Similarly data warehouse applications are on the rise providing businesses with more intelligent reports to assist managers make better decisions. This book combines both technologies together in a context to provide a sure resource for any IT professional.


Key Features

• Demonstrates all SQL Server 2008 features related to data warehousing

• Provides SQL code used to extract data from data mart

• Provides Transact SQL used to perform data transformation and data warehouse population.

• Get step-by-step demonstrations using SQL Server 2008

• See Real life scenarios to illustrate all concepts presented in each chapter

• Includes Real life case studies that demonstrate all concepts presented in the book

* Comes with online code depot with dozens of new performance analysis and
monitoring scripts

* Demonstrates all SQL Server 2008 features related to data warehousing

* Provides SQL code used to extract data from data mart

* Provides Transact SQL used to perform data transformation and data warehouse population.

* Presents step-by-step demonstrations using SQL Server 2008

* All examples presented in the book are real life scenarios to illustrate each concept.

* Includes Real life case studies that demonstrate all concepts presented in the book



About the Author:


Sam Afyouni

  Hassan Afyouni is a certified database administrator with fifteen years of software development in business, scientific, engineering, telephony, and financial applications. Hassan has fourteen years of teaching and training experience, he has delivered undergraduate, graduate and technical courses to major universities and corporations globally.

Hassan has developed database administration program curriculum and courseware for four universities. Hassan holds Masters in Computer Information Systems and he is currently pursuing a doctorate degree in education. Hassan is an author of "Oracle9i Performance Tuning: Optimizing Database Productivity" and "Database Security and Auditing: Protecting Data Integrity and Accessibility".


Table of Contents:


Chapter 1 Data Warehouse Principles and Concepts

  • Data and Information

  • Data Elements

  • Metadata

  • Data Warehouse Definition

  • Data Warehouse Components

  • Data Warehouse Process and Methodology

  • Administrator Role and Responsibilities

  • Developer Role and Responsibilities

  • Benefit of Data Warehousing

Chapter 2 SQL Server 2008 for Data Warehousing

  • SQL Server architecture for VLDB

  • SQL Server components

  • Data Types and Tables

  • Cursors

  • T-SQL

  • Stored Procedures

  • Triggers

  • Creating an Instance

  • Creating a Database

  • Creating a Schema

Chapter 3 Data Warehouse Architecture and Design for SQL Server

  • Database design

  • Data modeling

  • Normal versus un-normalized data

  • Data warehouse data models

  • Data dimensions

  • Fact tables

  • Star model

  • Snowflake model

  • Data marts


Chapter 4 Building the Data Warehouse in SQL Server

  • Business requirement and analysis for SQL Server

  • Data analysis

  • Development process in SQL Server

  • Extraction, transformation and loading with TSQL

  • Writing data warehouse SQL expressions (Multi-dimensional expressions)

  • Building cubes


Chapter 5 Data Warehouse Applications

  • Client Relation Management

  • Clickstreams

  • Web Reporting

  • Dashboard Reports

Chapter 6 Data Warehouse Intelligence in SQL Server

  • Reports

  • On Line Application Processing (OLAP, ROLAP, MOLAP, HOLAP)

  • Data mining in SQL Server

Chapter 7 SQL Server 2008 Data Warehouse Features

  • Bulkcopy

  • Data replication

  • Data transfer services

  •  Data access services

  •  OLAP services

  • Data warehouse services







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