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ISBN: 978-0-9861194-0-8 Library of Congress Number:
334 pages
Perfect Bind 9.25 x 7.5
PD 0515
Shelving: Databases/Oracle Oracle In-Focus Series # 51
  WebLogic Diagnostic Framework
Using WLDF through Practical Examples and Profiles

Martin Heinzl

Retail Price $39.95 / £26.95 

Key Features   About the Author Table of Contents
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Includes 11g and 12c!

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WebLogic is a complex, professional application server environment with a complex and powerful security environment. WebLogic server at its core implements the J2EE specification stack and its main purpose is to offer a hosting environment for J2EE applications. 

But WebLogic is much more than that. Like most professional J2EE server WebLogic also offers a large number of extended features like comprehensive management, clustering and failover functionality on different levels, plus a number of extended enterprise features not required by J2EE but very useful in the enterprise world, enterprise features that are required by many companies.

Key Features

* Focuses on real-life diagnostic framework examples.

* Includes many general-purpose scripts and programs in the code download.

About the Author:

Martin Heinzl Martin Heinzl is a senior/principal consultant in the areas of architecture, middleware and enterprise systems. Over the last 15 years, he has built up extensive experience in enterprise middleware technologies in distributed systems.  His main areas of focus include architecture, integration, Java, J2EE, CORBA, distributed systems, integration approaches, and security.  His project involvement has included analysis, design, architecture, SOA (like) systems, configuration, security, deployment, automation, management, and monitoring.  This experience has given him a thorough knowledge of operations, automation, system architectures, development, and training.  

Martin was also responsible for the automation of a complex web service security layer for an SOA infrastructure using single-sign on, SAML, and OWSM for a huge WebLogic farm (including Oracle service bus) with 500+ domains and 4000+ Managed-Servers.  He was also responsible for the WebLogic infrastructure and monitoring concepts of in a high risk/high volume financial system. He is currently working in the middleware platform hosting team of a global bank.

Martin greatly enjoys what he does. His highest priority has always been on customers and service, which has helped him establish many good and long-year customer relationships. In 2013 Martin also joined the Oracle Customer Advisory Board for WebLogic and he always tries to be up to date on middleware technologies by attending conferences and taking part in beta programs.  

Table of Contents:

Index Topics:


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