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Oracle Linux Reference Poster
Contains Critical Oracle and Linux Command Syntax

ISBN: 0-9759135-9-X

Size: 18 x 24"

Unframed Linux Poster - $14.95

Framed Linux Poster - $54.95

This comprehensive Oracle and Linux command syntax poster contains Linux administrator commands, Linux security commands, Linux search commands, Linux disk commands, Linux File commands, Linux CPU commands, Linux RAM commands, Linux file permissions, Linux file locations, vi editor commands, Linux shell script commands and a Linux crontab example.  We also have Oracle tablespaces commands, Oracle datafile commands, Oracle SQL*Plus command syntax, a the most common Oracle syntax for managing Oracle tables and Oracle indexes.  This Oracle syntax command reference poster is the result of more than a decade of DBA work and is the ideal hands-free reference to quickly finding the correct Oracle and Linux command syntax.

This annotated command reference provides working examples fast.  It's a great cheat-sheet and an indispensable guide to complex Oracle and Linux commands.

WARNING - This poster is not suitable for beginners.  It is designed for senior Oracle DBAs and requires knowledge of Oracle and Linux.

Key Features

* Assists the Senior Oracle DBA in writing complex Linux scripts for Oracle

* Includes all common Linux commands, including "root" command syntax

* Includes Oracle command syntax for system, database, tablespace, tables, indexes and SQL*Plus

* Contains a condensed vi editor command reference

* Allows the senior Oracle DBA to quickly enter the correct command

Oracle poster Contents:

Linux administrator commands
Linux security commands
Linux search commands
Linux disk commands
Linux File commands
Linux CPU commands
Linux RAM commands
Linux file permissions
Linux file locations
vi commands
Linux shell script commands
Linux crontab example

Errata and Enhancements

Oracle Linux Command Syntax


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