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  Conducting the Java Job Interview
IT Manager Guide for Java with Interview Questions

Jeffrey M. Hunter

Retail Price $27.95 /  £17.95 

Key Features About the Author Table of Contents
Index Reader Comments Errata

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Only $19.95            

ISBN 0-9744355-8-9
ISBN 13: 978-0974435589
Library of Congress Number: 2004101888
304 pages - Perfect bind - 9x7 PD 404
Computer Certification
IT Job Interview Series # 1
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This book is the accumulated observations of the author's interviews with hundreds of job candidates. The author provides useful insights into what characteristics make a good Java programmer and offers his accumulated techniques as an aid to interviewing a Java programmer job candidate.

This handy guide has a complete set of Java job interview questions and provides a complete method for accurately assessing the technical abilities of Java job candidates. By using Java job interview questions that only an experienced person knows, your application developers can ask the right interview questions and fill your Java job with the best qualified Java developer.

Key Features

* Assists the IT manager in choosing the best-qualified Java professionals.

* Provides proven techniques that can accurately ascertain a job candidate's suitability for a Java position.

* Lists the personality characteristics of successful Java professionals and how to identify candidates with the right demeanor.

* Describes methods for evaluating academic and work history for Java professionals.

* Includes managers' checklist of personality and background characteristics that indicate a suitable Java job candidate.

* Covers techniques to quickly scan resumes and find the best-qualified Java job candidates.

* Includes oral interview questions for Java  Programmers and Java Developers.

* Includes many job interview questions on Java Object Oriented Programming Concepts, Java Language Fundamentals, Java Installation and Configuration, Java Performance Tuning, Java Security, Java Threads, Java Collections Framework, Java I/O, Java Networking, and Java Swing/AWT.

About the Author:

Jeffrey Hunter
  Jeffrey Hunter graduated from Stanislaus State University in Turlock, California, with a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science. Jeff is an Oracle Certified Professional, Java Development Certified Professional and currently works as a Senior Database Administrator. His work includes advanced performance tuning, Java programming, capacity planning, database security, and physical /logical database design in a UNIX, Linux, and Windows NT environment. Jeff's other interests include mathematical encryption theory, programming language processors (compilers and interpreters) in Java and C, LDAP, writing web-based database administration tools, Xemacs, and of course Linux. Jeff has been a Sr. Database Administrator and Software Engineer for over 10 years and maintains his own website site at:

Table of Contents: 

Chapter 1 -
Introduction to the Java Programmer Evaluation
Preparing the Java Programming Job Offering
   Preparing the Incentive Package
Defining the Required Job Skills
   Basic IT Skills
   Sun Certified Java Programmers and Developers
   The Value of Java Certification
   Java 2 Platform, Standard Edition (J2SE)
   Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE)
   Training for Certification
Characteristics of the Java Professional
Sample Job Sheet for a Sr. Java Enterprise Developer
Sample Java Job Sheet
Work Experience
Sun Java Certification
Publishing and Research
Personal Integrity
USA Citizenship
Additional Specialized Skills

Chapter 2 - Qualities of the Successful Java programmer
Evaluating Employment History
   Fraudulent Work History
   Evaluating Personal Integrity
   Evaluating Academic History
Personality of the Java Professional
   A Curious Nature
   A Tenacious Disposition
   Polite Manners
   Detail Orientation



Chapter 3 -
Roles for the Java programmer
Java Programmer Job Roles
   Project and Development Life Cycle Methodologies
   Software Configuration Management
   Java Security
   Java Application Tuning
Communication Skills
Chapter 4 - Initial Screening of the Java Programmer
Choosing Viable Candidates
Dealing with IT Headhunters
General Evaluation Criteria
   Gleaning Demographics from the Candidate
   Résumé Evaluation
   Evaluating Training
Telephone Screening
Technical Pre-Testing
Developing Questions for Interviews
The IT Candidate's Demeanor
Appropriate Appearance

Chapter 5 - The on-site technical interview
The On-site Interview
   Questions from The Candidate
   Telephone Pre-interview Questions
   Technical Questions
   Java Versions           
   Object Oriented Programming Concepts    
   Java Programming and Development          
   Java Installation and Configuration          
   Java Performance Tuning
   Java Security            
   Java Threads
   Java Collections Framework      
   Java I/O 
   Java Networking      
   Java Swing / AWT
Non-Technical Questions
   General Questions   
   Policies and Procedures
   Commitment to Task               
   Planning, Prioritizing and Goal Setting   
   Attention to Detail 


American Assembly of Collegiate Business Schools 

Background checks 
Body language   
Brain Bench 

Common job duties
Cost of hiring

Enterprise Java Beans 

Flex time   

Golden handcuffs
Gourman Report  

Hiring phases

IT headhunters     

Java Certification
Java Certification Exams    
Java programming job requirement
Java Sandbox
Job Titles

Management by Objective

On-site interview  


Resume Red Flags 
Résumé screening   

Sample questions
Attention to Detail  
Commitment to Task 
Java Collections Framework  
Java I/O    
Java Installation and Configuration   
Java Networking
Java Performance Tuning             
Java Programming and Development 
Java Security  
Java Swing/AWT
Java threads  
Object-oriented programming concepts
Planning, Prioritizing, and Goal Setting    
Policies and Procedures      
uality of Candidate      
Sun Certified Developers    
Sun Java Certification program 
Sun Microsystems     

Technical examination  
Telephone interview
Telephone screening 



Page 115 – (Question #46)

In the code example, class B should “extend” class A. The code example should read as follows:


Class A {

     static void foo(int x) {};



Class B extends A {

     void foo(int x) {};



Page 142 – (Question #11)

The method signature to the toString() method is incorrect and should not contain an argument in the expected answer. The expected answer should read as follows:


Expected answer:  Use the toString() method of StringBuffer to return its contents to a String object.



Page 143 – (Question #12)

In the expected answer, replace the formula “22 = 4” with “2 (superscript) 2 = 4”. The expected answer should read as follows:



Expected answer:  Simply perform two right shifts of the x value:


int y = x >> 2;


Each right shift by one is equivalent to dividing by 2. In our example, 22 = 4; so perform two right shifts.

Another great book from Rampant, February 10, 2005
Reviewer: Emily Price (Litchfield Park, AZ)
This is my second book from Rampant (Oracle Utilities being the first). Extremely well written with in-depth coverage of the language. I am a web developer moving from Perl to Java and glad to have so many questions and answers in my hands. Nice job!
A MUST for any Java job employer, July 12, 2004
Reviewer: Shai Lvi (Israel)
This is the most comprehensive Java interview guide resource.
It covers all aspects of the Java programming language with
in-depth interview questions from novice to expert and
detailed answers.

This is a MUST for any Java job employer.


This text has java job interview questions & java interview tips.


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