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Oracle Tips by Burleson

Chapter 11 Oracle Fine Grained Auditing

This query returns the values the user saw, not the value as of now. This output can be spooled to a file. This audit record becomes a valuable tool for accountability analysis later, and can satisfy a variety of regulatory requirements, including HIPAA. It also provides a powerful tool to have the accountability analysis for the in-house auditors.

Preservation of Audit Trail

If the default Fine Grained Auditing is used, the trail is recorded in a table named fga_log$, owned by SYS. The simplest way to archive the old data is to export the table with a where clause to filter on dates, and then delete the records exported. However, this method of deleting increases the High Water Mark (HWM) of the table and, over a period of time, the performance of operations on this table becomes so bad that the table needs reorganization, causing downtime for the auditing activity.

The better option is to create a user defined auditing facility as described earlier in this chapter. This facility can write to any table, not just the default fga_log$ table. Using this, we can set the records to go into a user defined table that is partitioned. Partitioning the table is one of the reasons why we want to have a user defined audit trail. An example of the table is given earlier in this chapter.

When the time comes to purge the records, the partition can be simply dropped. Before dropping, the partition can be exchanged with an empty table and this table, which now holds the data from the partition, can be exported so that it can be preserved (archived). This

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