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Oracle Tips by Burleson

Chapter 11 Oracle Fine Grained Auditing

client identifier. It’s not meaningful to see the value on v$session view, but when decrypted, it will provide a meaningful picture of the session. If the user does manipulate the value, it will not be decrypted properly as the user does not know the encryption key.

This method can be used inside a procedure owned by a secured user, such as SECUSER. The encryption key is supplied by the application. Here we will use the routines we developed earlier in the Chapter on Encryption.

get_encrypted_value – Needs two parameters, the value to be encrypted and the key in RAW datatype. The code can be found in online code depot as get_encrypted_value.sql. It returns the encrypted value in hexadecimal representation in VARCHAR2 datatype.

get_decrypted_value – Needs two parameters, the value to be decrypted in hexadecimal and the key in RAW datatype. The code can be found in get_decrypted_value.sql in the Online Code Depot. The function returns the decrypted value.

The secret to the whole exercise is to have the key supplied by the application. Here we will make up the key as a long list of characters in hexadecimal format. This key is stored in the application code or supplied from a table.

We may decide to store something that is not obtainable in the sys_context function. One possibility is using the Domain Name of the user’s machine. After the application starts and connects as user APPUSER, or some other generic user, it calls

get_encrypted_value('<The Domain Name>',  

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