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Oracle Tips by Burleson

Chapter 8 General Oracle Auditing

These two assumptions are fundamental to the tracking of application users; but unfortunately, these assumptions are easily circumvented. The user may not call the procedure to set the client identifier, either deliberately or inadvertently. Nothing will then go into the CLEINTID column of the aud$ table, nor will it cause an error. The application will continue to run fine without the vital auditing information. Because of this, the omission may not be even detected.

Similarly the user may not supply the correct value for the application user id. The human user Clara can login as APPUSER and then issue dbms_session.set_identifier (‘JOE’). This will record all the auditing information as being done by Joe, not Clara.

Therefore the above setup in its present form is not adequate. We need some extensive work to make it more secure.

Making the application call the procedures directly can solve the problem. After the application authenticates the user using some mechanism such as Domain Authentication, the username is known. After it connects to the database, the application can execute the procedure dbms_session.set_identifier with the proper username. The user has no chance of entering anything in there.

However, what if the user connects to the database outside the application, e.g. using SQL*Plus or some other tools like TOAD? Then the client_identifier is not set.

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