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Oracle Tips by Burleson

Chapter 8 General Oracle Auditing

tablespace has been named after the year and the month, they will be always unique.

After the tablespace is imported, the table AUD0309, say, will be available. A view named aud$_combined may be created using:

create view aud$combined
select * from aud$
union all
select * from aud0309

A public synonym aud$ can then be created for this new view:

create public synonym aud$ for sys.aud$_combined

Now all the reports developed against the data dictionary views will pick up data from this table as well.

Application Users and Auditing

So far we have discussed auditing user actions assuming that the user connected to the database is an actual user. In some applications, particularly third party applications, the users are authenticated by the application that then connects to the database as a generic user. For instance an application user may be called CLARA, and the application can authenticate her in a variety of ways – against a table containing the user names and their passwords or using domain authentication as in a Windows environment. After authentication the application connects to the database

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