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Oracle Tips by Burleson

Chapter 8 General Oracle Auditing

It may be necessary to protect the material in archival media for quick retrieval. The exported file can be imported back for query if needed. However, import takes time and is not very convenient, particularly with the massive amount of redo log activity. Since the aud$ table does not have any columns of the LONG data type, it can be exported as a flat file and then loaded back when necessary using SQL*Loader direct load option, or using Oracle 9i’s External Table option.

Online Access

If it is necessary to provide online access to the archived aud$ table, a different archival strategy should be considered. One way of achieving this is by creating the archived table in a separate tablespace. This tablespace may be placed in a filesystem made of inexpensive hardware, such as Serial ATA, or even Write Once Read Many (WORM) drives such as optical jukeboxes. The Serial ATA devices offer the least dollar per megabyte of storage at respectable access speeds. These devices are being used right now for archiving the log directory and the same concept can be extended to the aud$ table archival too. Since access to the archived table is limited to SELECTs, and perhaps an occasional TRUNCATE by the DBA, Serial ATA devices provide an adequate solution.

A Complete System

Next, we will devise a system that will provide all the features we want, at a cost that can be justified. This procedure will also create a HIPAA compliant archival model for the aud$ table.


  • The auditing data needs to be archived and purged off every month. This frequency is based on the load on the system and one month seems to be optimal.

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