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Oracle Tips by Burleson

Chapter 8 General Oracle Auditing


The next issue is how to handle storage of the data from this audit trail. Remember from the beginning discussions in this section that it is preferable to archive the raw tables used to store audit trails. This can be backed up even if the aud$ table is in the tablespace SYSTEM and is owned by SYS.

First, determine what will be the archival frequency. For a heavily used database, it may make sense to archive every month, during a monthly maintenance timeslot. After the archival the audit table starts with a clean slate. In a relatively less used database, the frequency could be less, e.g. every six months.

Next determine the location of these audit tables. For our example purpose, we may decide to create a tablespace called AUDIT_ARCH_DATA, locally managed with uniform extents. A similar table audit_arch_indx may be created for the index on the archived aud$ table, if desired.

Find a suitable time to stop the database and shut it down.

Make changes to the initialization file to disable auditing (specifying audit_trail = none) and start the database in restricted mode.

Create the replica of the table in the archival tablespace, e.g. if a monthly cycle is followed, use a name such as AUD_0307 for data related to July 2003. The table can be created using the following script:

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