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Oracle Traceability

Article by Rampant Author Brian Carr

If you have a home-grown application that does not allow traceability from the application to the database this tip is for you.

If your application uses a "gateway/proxy" user to talk to the database the DBA is limited in his/her ability to track back a high-impact SQL to the user or module executing it.

Populate additional information into DBA views to allow better traceability of queries in the database back to the user/module that is executing them. DBMS_APPLICATION_INFO provides a way of populating the V$SESSION and V$SQLAREA views with context information about application users. Oracle's eBusiness Suite uses this to allow DBAs to identify what module a user is in, what the current transaction is and what the context is. By using DBMS_APPLICATION_INFO the DBA will have better visibility to queries that are happening in the database and how these relate to application functionality.





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