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Oracle transportable AWR snapshots

Article by Rampant Author Chris Foot

Transportable AWR Snapshots

10G R2's Enterprise Manager allows administrators to transfer Automatic Workload Repository snapshots to other 10G R2 workload repositories for offline analysis. This is accomplished by the administrator specifying a snapshot range and extracting the AWR data to a flat file. The flat file is then loaded into a user-specified staging schema in the target repository. To complete the transfer, the data is copied from the staging schema into the target repository's SYS schema. The data in the SYS schema is then used as the source for the ADDM analysis.

If the snapshot range already exists in the SYS or staging schemas, the data being imported is ignored. All data in snapshot ranges that does not conflict with existing data is loaded. 10G R2 contains a new package DBMS_SWRF_INTERNAL to provide AWR snapshot export and import functionality.

The example below exports a snapshot range starting with 100 and ending at 105 to the output dump file 'awr_wmprod1_101_105' in the directory '/opt/oracle/admin/awrdump/wmprod1':

DMPFILE =>'awr_export_wmprod1_101_105',
DMPDIR => '/opt/oracle/admin/awrdump/wmprod1',
BID => 101,
EID => 105

We then use the AWR_LOAD procedure to load the data into our target repository staging schema:

SCHNAME => 'foot',
DMPFILE =>'awr_export_wmprod1_101_105',
DMPDIR => '/opt/oracle/admin/awrdump/wmprod1'

The last step is to transfer the data from our staging schema (FOOT) to the SYS schema for analysis:

SCHNAME => 'foot',





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